Tuesday, August 4, 2009

good news!

At long last, we got word that Cate's x-ray came back perfectly normal. No dislocated hips on her tiny body! PRAISE GOD! I've got to be honest- I was worried!

Now, we've just got to get to the cardiologist and get an 'all is well' there too. It's just got to be...

JD has an MRI on Tuesday. Please, pretty please, be praying for it. Honestly, I don't think I've ever been more nervous for an MRI than I am for this one. I tear up just thinking about it. I don't know if it's just from the weight of this month or what, but it can't get here and over with fast enough.

I made something new for Cate's room today. Once it's completed, I'll post some pictures. Until then... you're left hanging! (And that last word is a hint*)

Anyway, we're putting stuff in a garage sale on Friday, are in a wedding this weekend (all of us, minus Cate!), AND are having Corban's bday party Sunday (which I sent out 24 family invitations for...). But... then comes Monday and our lives begin to slow down, as school starts back up and youth events become less frequent. I am most definitely praising God for that... this summer was ROUGH.
Okay, so my piles aren't sorting themselves while I type, so I guess I better get. Adios!


  1. SO RELIEVED about Cate's first batch of results. We'll keep praying...

  2. Well, I'm thankful for Cate's good x-ray results. Please update when you get the MRI back. I'm still praying for her, and JD, and all of you. :) For someone I have never met, you sure do make it into my prayers a lot. :) hee hee.

  3. are you telling me summer is over? woe. did it even start yet????!

    ps. really happy about cate results.


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