Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I started this post thinking it would be a quick summary of some major events happening the last few days... but my heart was bursting... I had to write more.

Saturday marked 6 years of marriage with this man.
SIX years! 
I had hopes of writing a whole post about this, but I'll sum it up quick for you:
I've never loved him more.
I've never been more sure of being loved.
I've never enjoyed another person like I do this man.
Marriage, while a far cry from what my original expectations were six years ago, is one of the sweetest gifts that God has blessed me with. Jordan has loved me through the greatest moments and darkest days of my life... and loved me well. He's an amazing man-- the most real, consistent, genuine person I know. And hilarious. And patient. I know I'm getting cheesy on you, but hear me out. 
Our marriage is a long way from perfect, but there's been a shift this past year... and there's a sweetness to it like never before. Jordan is such a gift- I recognize that and I am so thankful for the man he is. He is compelled to love by His love for Jesus. He loves Jesus first and foremost and as a result can love me, love our kiddos, love the youth, love people so well. I learn daily what it looks like to follow hard after Jesus by watching my husband live-- and I know that is an amazing, amazing gift.
So much for short and sweet.
Moving on! Secondly:

My boy... 
He's in school.
Can you believe that?!
He started Tuesday. So far, so good. 
Not much to say about it, as it's still so new. He likes it, but I do think he's missing me and his sisters, and he's tired. It's hard to get up and moving early every morning and to not have our normal time together. He still naps nearly every day, and is pretty cranky by lunch (which is right after school). I know it'll just take time to adjust to a new schedule. As crazy as it sounds, I hope that he drops the naps soon so that he and I can enjoy some time in the afternoons while the girls sleep. I can't wait to watch him grow and learn throughout this year. He really loves to learn, and really thrives with structure - I know that this is the best thing for him right now, and I am excited for him! 
It's just crazy to me that we are here, at this stage of parenting. Bittersweet, you know?!
Speaking of growing up...
What's that, you ask?!
Cate's reward... for GIVING UP HER PACI!!!!!
It's a miracle, really. I thought for sure that it would take months for it to happen, but it was like she just made up her mind, and a story about Cinderella and her Prince eating hotdogs together was far more important than a little paci, and the hopes of picking out nail polish the next day was just icing on the cake. 
I guess I shouldn't be too surprised-- once her mind is made up, there's little hope of changing it. She napped today without it, and at bed tonight whispered to me that she didn't want to be a big girl anymore, that she'd really like a paci. I told her she could be a little girl still, and sleep with her soft blankie and stuffed monkeys and she said okay. just like that.
Another chapter ends.

While I have no qualms about bidding farewell to the pacifier, it was the last 'baby' of my baby girl. No diapers, no pacis... all little girl. 
And what a sweet, sweet little girl she is.
She marched into Kroger with her sequined doggy purse on her shoulder, holding Mama's hand right up to the nail polish display. She knelt down on her knees and touched them all before deciding on the purple sparkly one. "Dat one, Mama. With the spa-ka-lies in it." We splurged on some nail stickers, too, and she proudly carried her plastic sack out of the store. 
We parked on a picnic blanket at church (while we waited for Corban's school to be over) and painted our nails, just us girls. (Nora played around us, investigating the grass and leaves and toys.)
This is a really sweet season of life.
I am so blessed, so thankful to be here, to be here now. 
I remember reading a quote in college and it's always stuck with me-- simply profound, and very applicable to these days... these days that pass all too quickly:
"Wherever you are, be all there."
I'm praying daily... hourly, even... to live in these moments. 
To be present where I'm present. 
To give my husband and kiddos the best of me.
To let my life reflect what I believe.
For how I spend my time to reflect what I believe is most important.
To love and to serve like Jesus did.
Yes...that's it. 
Simply to love like my Jesus loves. 
To set my mind on things above. To hide His word in my heart. To be constrained by His love....
The rest will follow suit, of that I'm certain.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nora James, 7 months old

This little girl of ours...
She's incredible. The happiest, most pleasant and content baby I've ever known.
Anyway, she's at that age where it's new tricks daily, and I've been a terrible documenter of her life- so I'm fixing that right now.
As of last week, Nora James now sits up unassisted.
As of Sunday, she army crawls.
She says, "mamamama" only while crying, and 'dada' all day long. She also whines 'eeeeeeeeeeeeee' (eat) when ready for a bottle and said, 'baba' the other day. 
She nursed for the last time while we were in St. Kitts. She drinks many 6 oz. bottles of formula a day, and eats purees twice a day. I'll know next week her height and weight, but she's finally growing and filling out and looking her age, as opposed to a newborn.
She recognizes and will find with her eyes mama and daddy, Corban and Cate. She LOVES her siblings-- lights up when they're around. And it's really mutual... One of my most favorite things about being a mom is watching my kids love on one another. 
(Nora watching Cate)
She barely takes a paci, and I think we're going to kick the habit now, while trying to do the same for her big sister. (After all, the girl rarely cries! She doesn't need a paci!) She has a little square soft lovie with an elephant (and another with an owl) that she sleeps with. She loves to be in the sling. She loves to be with her Mama, but does fine with other people.
She melts me a million times over every day...
Such an amazing gift we've been given. How I love love love my Nora James!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011