Friday, April 13, 2012

nora james.

Oh, you know...
 because she's the sweetest thing since Cadbury eggs.

For real. How sweet is my baby girl?! 
Fifteen months old already.. unbelievable.
Let's see, what else?!:
I have been without a drier for a whole week and can finally resume laundry... meaning I've majorly got my work cut out for me. 
We're entering a pretty crazy busy season for us-- lots of weddings, St. Kitts planning, etc. etc. etc. BUSY. but good.
We were given a hot tub! That's noteworthy.
My big kids rarely nap anymore.
I cut bangs. I don't think I like them.
I like fires in the wood burning stove on these cold mornings/warm-ish afternoons. Perfecto.
Corban only has a month of school left. I am so looking forward to a summer with him home!
We are planning our second trip to St. Kitts-- two whole weeks this time! We'll be taking a much smaller group than last year and I am REALLY excited about it all. 
That about wraps it up. Ha! I keep thinking of things to blog about and then I set down to do it and... nothing. 
Have a great weekend!!