Friday, August 7, 2009

ten minute break

Ahhh... A cherished, treasured, luxurious, glorious, (and so on) ten minute break. Ten minutes plopped in my shiatsu massage chair drinking my gas station coffee, totally indulging in sheer laziness without a hint of guilt. Mmmmhmmm.
But once the wheels stop spinning and the heat turns off, it's back to work I go.
This week has been chaos. Complete chaos. Ask my friends Jill or Katie... they saw my house mid-week, and they'll tell you- chaos is an appropriate word. However, we're turning a corner- I'm finally to the 'cleaning' stage of this house purging/project finishing/party preparing week. And I'm mighty pleased with the results, if I do say so myself!
Guess what?!
I bought a new couch today! Well, new-to-us couch, anyway. It's GIANT. Really, it is! It's a 4 part brown sectional and I like it. Yes! Finally! And FINALLY, I finished Cate's nursery, except for hanging a few things on the wall. And I absolutely LOVE the results.
Tomorrow is the wedding of our friends Jamie and Luke. I am so thrilled for them, so excited for all that God has in store, and just the way they've walked in their relationship, done things right- it's so awesome to be a part of! That was a terrible sentence, but I'm running out of time. Anyway, I'm a bridesmaid, Corban's the ring bearer and Jordan is playing drums for worship and emceeing (MCing?) the reception! Very much looking forward to it.
And then Sunday- we're finally having Corban's birthday party!! =) My big brother and his wife are coming from out of town, and a bunch of family is coming up for it. Corban is grasping the concept and was talking about his birthday party right before bed. He was saying "JD hold you birthday party, Grandma hold you birthday party, Isaac hold you birthday party.." It was sweet.
Anyway, my time is up. Off to rearrange my new furniture (and probably do some furniture swapping with other rooms!) I am SO glad that we chose the home we did... it has been a ton of work, but is slowly becoming exactly what we dreamed of- well, nearly what we dreamed of, anyway.
Happy weekend!

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  1. Yay! I am so excited for your new couch, a cleaner, finished home, and Cate's room. Love ya!


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