Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my favorite things about today

Well, yesterday, now that it's 12:02a.m.

one... That Corban said 'hello' and 'where are you going?' to every person we encountered in the grocery store.
two... That Cate can't nurse for a minute without coming off, smiling so big it swallows her face, and grabbing my chin before reattaching.
three...That my book shelf is finally clean.
four...That I looked at and hung up pictures of Jordan and me together from eighth grade track.
five...That I got a short mid-afternoon nap.
six... That around 8 girls from our jr. high youth group got baptized tonight, and two accepted Jesus then got baptized.
seven... That Corban clapped and yelled 'yay!' at the end of worship, and everyone laughed and so did he.
eight... That I still have leftover homemade brownies sitting on my stove. Just as good the day after.
nine... That Jordan and I had an uninterrupted hour together this afternoon.
ten... That His mercies are new every morning.

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