Thursday, August 20, 2009

the little things

Today, my heart is just sad. But instead of going there...again... I'm choosing to remember all the reasons my heart has to be happy. drinking a cup of coffee at 3:30 in the afternoon, while my kids take an extra long nap... on a day when I desperately needed them to.
...having my windows open and watching my curtains blow in the breeze.
...being in love, still, and more so, ten years later.

...a new book shelf- that I've looked at and wanted for years (really!), clearanced 50% off and only $15 more than the cheapo when I was planning on buying.
...a baby girl. My baby girl.

...having a houseful of company, friends that are like family, who encourage and bless every time.
...a little boy and his daddy who look just a like. My little boy and his daddy.

...homemade chocolate chip cookie dough. Enough said.
...A big brother who loves his little sister so much.
...A peaceful run at dusk in late summer.
...A little boy who squats into a starting block position and shouts, "ready! Set! GO!" and takes off running. My little boy who does that.
...A clean kitchen, folded towels.
...A new air freshner in an apple-y fall scent.
...A quiet house, a still heart, a peace that surpasses all understanding.
I feel so much better.
What makes your heart happy?


  1. I can't believe Cate is so tiny. However, a lot of the Allen nieces and nephews have been like that. A few even had the docs threatening to call Social Services!!! They ran all sorts of tests and never found anything wrong. They were just little with fast metabolisms. I hope that is comforting. It is kind of hard not to worry about it. She's got such a sweet smile and those big and beautiful! I'm so jealous that you get to go so Florida. I'm dying to go on a real vacation. "One day, one day" is what I keep telling myself. It is so great to be able to look at all your blessing when you are feeling down. It makes you all the things that you don't have seem not so great anyway! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I loved your list. (When I remember) I keep a grateful journal. Sometimes it's nothing more than fresh milk for my coffee, but it makes me happy and it really forces me to find something good in every single day-even the ones that I truly believe belong in the toilet. Let's have lunch or coffee soon!

  3. I need to do this too. I get so down about stuff...and have been lately...that I forget about all the things God has blessed me with.
    Thank you, for being such a great example to me, even in hard times, you're still grateful.

    I'm off to do this on my blog!

  4. Kristen - you've got a great idea here. I think I'm going to get off of the computer and go start my "list" - there are so many things to be thankful and GRATEFUL for.... It's easy to get caught up in the other stuff....Especially lately. I'll be glad when tomorrow comes and goes and hopefully our precious Cate has put weight ON this week... Love you all! Mom


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