Thursday, March 26, 2009

the many faces of Cate...

Can't get enough of my baby girl! =)

And, this video- it's a parody of 'delilah' by plain white tee's and it cracks me up! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

just so you know...

I'm laughing hysterically at my son being hysterical at his observation of the newly added latch to keep the fridge shut. He is mad as fire! He keeps stomping his feet and crying, and alternating between yelling 'mulk' and 'jew'.
And now he's over it, as he re-discovered our other purchase made this afternoon... are you ready for this?
A fish.
That's right, folks. We now have a pet, a blue and red beta fish name Gyu. That's like 'goo' with a 'ya' before the 'oo'. It was a long naming process that went something like this:
Daddy: Corban, what do you want to name your fish?
Corban: fish, fish, fish
Mommy: Your name is Corban, the baby's name is Cate, Daddy's name is Jordan. What do you want to name the fish?
Corban: (pointing to fish) Baby!
Daddy: No, that's not a baby, it's a fish. Do you like the name Gertrude?
Corban: (Nods head) yeah.
Daddy: Can you say Gertrude?
Corban: (Nods head again) yeah. (Mind you, I'm dying laughing at his new talent of head-nodding at the appropriate time, coupled with the casual 'yeah').
Daddy: Well say Gertrude then.
Corban: Gyu.
Daddy: You think we should name the fish Gyu?
Corban: (Nods head) Yeah.
Daddy: Gyu it is.
Corban: Gyu! Gyu! Gyu!

Oh.. my life is fun. There is nary a dull moment in this househould.
In other news- my daughter smells so incredibly delicious I could eat her with a spoon. Okay, maybe that's a stretch... but she has that freshly bathed newborn smell that has yet to be polluted by that just-spit-up smell.... A little slice of heaven in my arms, folks!
I love being Mama.
Off to change diapers and head to church!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

40 questions.

We have taken up residence, unfortunately, at the sickhouse, and I am feeling quite under the weather. And because of that... my brain is barely working. So instead of writing about the going-on's of our life, you get to read a quiz with my answers. Fun, huh? I won't be offended if you don't read it... but I'm bored and not quite ready to sleep, and don't have the energy to clean. After this, I'm off to read myself to sleep.

1. Where is your cell phone? in the pocket of my sweatshirt
2. Your significant other? He's a rock star of a husband, (He's been mailing me love letters!) and is currently at work.
3. Your hair? dirty, and in a pony tail. In serious need of a trim.
4. Your mother? best mom on the planet, :) a very dear friend.
5. Your father? someone I am so thankful for. Also, a police officer.
6. Your favorite thing? hearing Corban laugh, snuggling my baby girl, being together as a family..
7. Your dream last night? All I remember is an adult sized nasal aspirator. You think i'm joking...
8. Your favorite drink? cold water, hot coffee, occassionally a cherry coke.
9. Your dream/goal? To be a godly wife and mama.
10. What room you are in? the 'office'
11. Your hobby? reading, making our house home, running.
12. Your fear? something happening to my husband or children.... and dog bites.
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? smack dab in the middle of the Lord's will... wherever that may be.
14. Where were you last night? at Vi's house for staff wives.
16. Muffins? eh. take 'em or leave 'em.
17. Wish list item? ... just one? Hmm. A new couch.
18. Where you grew up? Cville!
19. Last thing you did? gave Cate her paci and tiptoed down the stairs.
20. What are you wearing? sweats, sweatshirt. And I have no plans of changing anytime today.
21. Your TV? Is off, for one thing, and too big to fit nicely in the fireplace room, thus making my room switch nearly impossible. Anyone want to buy me a flat screen tv and mount it on the mantle? lol
22. Your pets? ha! ha ha... I have a husband and two children, I'll stick with those for now. :)
23. Friends? Another thing I am so thankful for. :)
24. Your life? blessed, beyond measure (okay, so I have to admit that this answer was there from the person I copied the quiz from- but it's true! And probabaly really close to what I would've answered anyway.)
25. Your mood? lazy, but I attribute it to this cold/sinus infection that's taking over my body.
26. Missing some one? sure.
27. Car? Minivan, thankyouverymuch
28. Something you’re not wearing? makeup
29. Your favorite store? Target- duh! :)
30. Your favorite color? depends on the day, but currently any shade of green.
31. favorite holiday? Christmas
32. Public school? I had a very positive experience, but it's doubtful that our children will attend.
33. When is the last time you laughed? Today, when Corban brought me his cup... and the gallon of milk.
34. Last time you cried? Yesterday, when I was reading MckMama's blog.
35. Who will resend this? no idea
36. One place that I go to over and over? Horizon Christian Fellowship
37. One person who emails me regularly? no one, really.
38. My favorite place to eat? El Rodeo
39. Why you participated in this survey? everyone in my house is napping, and I feel like poo.
40. What are you doing tonight? laying around, being lazy, hoping to feel better... probably.

Friday, March 20, 2009

love, Cate

Hi, Mama's friends. I'm Cate.
Mama says that I'm starting to be so much fun, with how smiley I am and all. She always tells me she can't get enough of my dimples. I tell her I can't get enough milk...
That up above, that's my big brother Corban, only when he was (not so) little, like me. Same exact age, if you really want to know. Mama says he's 'a little thick'... weighing in at 14 lbs 8 oz! Whoa. He had me beat by over 3 lbs, and I started a whole pound bigger.
That's right- here I am, long and skinny. Not the chunker you all thought I'd be.. just 11 lbs, 4 oz, 23 1/2 inches long. 75th percentile for my height, but just 50th for weight. People tell me I'm all eyeballs, whatever that means.

Corban got this new toy, meant for the bathtub, but Mama put it on the dishwasher so he could play with it all day long. I like it because it means he's not climbing on me, but Mama doesn't like picking up the little balls 976,000 times a day. He sure has fun with it though. I can't wait til I'm big enough to show him how it's done!
Speaking of being shown how it's done- my big brother is the best eater I know! Look at that- a fork in one hand for the rice, spoon in the other for yogurt, alternating bites... man, oh, man, is he awesome! I bet Mama wishes she would've remembered to put on his bib though... I tried to tell her, but she mistook my cry for me being hungry. Humph.

You probably thought I was going to tell you how impressed I was with how good he did with drinking out of his big boy monkey cup, but you're wrong. What kind of sister would I be if I didn't point out that awesome bed head he's sporting? I bet he wishes he was bald like me...
Anyway, Mama always tells everyone that I'm as good as they get, with me sleeping 9 hours straight at night already and everything. I'll go ahead and admit it here, though, that I'm much happier in Mama's arms than anywhere else when I'm awake. She's pretty much my best friend. I think I better sign off of here now though. It's time for me to fuss and cry and fight my afternoon nap. Nice chatting with you!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a little (more) taste of home

Our house, in all it's glory... no landscaping, but semi-removed-once-overgrown shrubbery, mini-van clad, and dresser on front porch. Once upon a time, it had rotting wood siding, but my handy husband remedied that. Soon to come: shutters, flowers.
Also, once upon a time, the above picture is what our bathroom looked like. And yes, that little lamp was the only lighting that there was... that worked any way.
Now, the only similarity: the tissue box. We removed the wallpaper, textured the walls, painted, laid new flooring, installed the pedestal sink, and new mirror (which I bought for $10, btw).

Above, Corban's bedroom, covered with the old peoples' junk. Notice the pretty border, and beautiful curtains (and my sarcasm). Also, the floor was covered in really lovely, cat-urine stained brown carpet. Oh, the picture of perfection.

Now!! One of my most favorite rooms in the house! We removed the carpet, laid laminate flooring, painted tan and that pretty green stripe, removed the closet doors, and put new stuff in there. The bed is actually part of a bunk-bed set that was Jordan's growing up. The bedding and room accessories are from Target (of course), and what wasn't given to me was purchased at 50-75% off. Total room cost: less than $300. (floor included!)

(P.S.- the lamps are waiting for bulbs for their final placement. Also wanted to add that I haven't put any of the stuff up on the walls yet!)

Another before, complete with the previous owners. Isn't it lovely? And yes, we bought the house looking this way! haha. My favorite part are the really awesome medieval looking sconces by the fire place. When you flipped the light switch, they produced a non-light producing flicker, mimicking a flame. They found a really nice home in the dumpster!

Okay, so these aren't really 'after' shots... as the room isn't finished, or even close to it. This is the room I'm considering making a play room. My dilemma: the first picture is what you see when you walk in my front door, and you look to the right. The second picture is what you see when you're sitting at the kitchen table. The last one shows where the doors are in relation to the rest of the room.

Okay. So what do you think? The furniture is being sold on craigslist, and the only thing we plan on (as of right now, anyway) putting in there (as far as 'real' furniture) is a futon that Jordan's grandparents are giving us. It's a nice, real piece-of-furniture futon, not just a dorm-room style one. A definite upgrade from the blue hand-me-downs currently occupying the space. I've got a few ideas of my own floating around, but I'm not ready to commit quite yet. So, I'm wanting to hear your suggestions, with having 'seen' the space I'm working with.
Please, people. I need some feedback. I'm ultra-motivated to finish my downstairs, and this is the last hurdle. So what do you think?!

Monday, March 16, 2009

are you ready for this?

BEFORE (when we bought the house)AFTER
BEFORE (when we bought the house)
DURING (my moment of apparent color blindness)

And a few more shots...

I started the tan at 11:45 p.m. on Wednesday night, painted the green during Corban's nap on Thursday and finished up Thursday evening. I am thrilled with the results! We're still looking for black chairs to match our table, I'm searching for a new centerpiece also, and we're going tomorrow to by the trim for the doorframes... in case you were wondering. =) I had, at one point in time, painted a gray-ish beige color that looks better with the countertops than the tan does, but it made the room feel so cold, so tan it is. Anyway, there's my mostly finished kitchen re-do!

If I weren't typing with one hand I might have more to say... but that's not the case! Adios!
Oh, a preview for a blog to come... I'm going to convert our second living room into a playroom and am wanting some ideas for it. So put your thinking caps on!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

count to ten...

1. I really love coffee. This is a recent thing. I used to "love" espresso drinks that cost a million dollars and a thousand calories, or a gas station cappocino. Now, give me the real stuff, with a little milk and a little sugar. No flavors, no syrups, nada. Mmmm.
2. Also a recent love in the food department: vegetable spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce. I've been wanting them for weeks, but can't bring myself to pay the ridiculous (and more expensive than restaurant) price they are in grocery stores. I want to try and make my own, but that requires a trip to Asia mart, which, quite honestly, intimidates me.
3. Corban, despite the springing forward of the clock, has been sleeping in until 8:30 every day. It's glorious.
4. Also on the subject of sleeping, Cate regularly does around a 7 hour stretch, followed by another 3-4 hour stretch. We're sleeping well in our household!
5. I bought finger paint for my son today. It'll be our adventure tomorrow, since we live in the fickle midwest where temperatures make a 40 degree swing every other day. And in case you're wondering, I'm not at all happy about the sub-freezing temperatures making their return. Bah-humbug is what I say.
6. I had intended to write a post about running, and my love of all things related, but I figured it'd incredibly bore my readers, as most don't share the passion. Just know: I recently read a book about a collegiate cross country team, and it made me sad that I'm a 'has been', but also stirred up the desire 'to be'. I was thinking my running days were long gone, but after a glorious 21 minute adventure down the road, I remember that I love to run. Even more so, I love to run fast. And race. So we'll see...
7. My husband is going backpacking in Colorado in 3ish weeks, while I make a trip to Cville. I'm more than a little jealous.
8. Speaking of my husband, his birthday is on Saturday! 24 years old! He was just 14 when we started dating... :) We're hanging out with his family the day of, but I'm trying to plan something for just us on Friday. Guess I better get on it, and line up a babysitter!
9. This weekend is the Indy Kids Consignment sale. I've always done pretty well, and got quite a bit of my kids wardrobes there. I get to shop on 'preview night' this time though, since I have a newborn. I'm quite excited about it!
10. I have two loads of unfolded laundry sitting on my couch and a van full of groceries I need to unload. I suppose I should do those things now that Cate is in her cradle and while Corban is still asleep. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I should be cleaning. Or planning this weeks menu. Or at least making lunch for today. But no, blogger is calling my name. I've got two veeeeeeery sleepy kiddos... well, I guess they are sleeping, but were barely functioning prior to nap time. We all got way too little sleep last night, thank you late night+time change+early morning, but let's be honest- who wouldn't want to sleep on this overcast, rainy day?! Anyway, I'm choosing relaxing over working right now. I've got all day, right?
I was messing around with tax calculators today and I think we might end up getting money back. I was expecting to pay, so this is positive news. I've always done ours myself, but Jordan is now a liscensed minister with certain tax exemptions and I'm not sure how all of it works. I may play around with TurboTax and see what I think, but we're still waiting on some form from the IRS before we can file. It's all over my head, really.
So I have all of these ideas for our house. I'm thinking about turning our second living room into more of a play room, I want to paint my kitchen, hallway, need to do Cate's nursery, etc. The problem is... well, you remember that nesting part of my pregnancy? Where I went crazy cleaning and painting? Well, I still have the tape on my walls for the trim that has yet to be finished. Ugh. Jordan keeps telling me to do that before I start something new, and he's right. But when do I have the time?!
Right now?
You mean, every day, when my son naps for 2+ hours?
Maybe you should just come do it.
But seriously- I don't like the shade of red that's in my kitchen. Well, I don't want it red at all anymore. I know, I know... I'm fickle. But it's my house. And paint is a cheap(er) fix. ha. The cabinets are white with black hardware, the countertops are greyish, the walls above the counter top are tan... I have a black table, black bar stools, and a black armoire. So what do you think? The room connected to it is yellow.... for now. I was thinking of a fun shade of green maybe? I don't know. I'll post pictures someday, and then maybe you could more easily offer suggestions. The rest of our house, with the exception of our bedroom, are earth tones/calming/warm colors... tan, sage green, yellow, calm blue. I kind of want something fun and bright for my kitchen. Well I just don't know what I want. Do you have a color painted somewhere in your house that you just love?? If so, what is it? What would look really great with black furniture and white cabinets? Hmmmmm? Any ideas?? Help me out, folks!
Okay, I've wasted enough time. I'm off to pick up the living room or look at paint colors or something. Happy Sunday!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hi, friends!
Both kiddos are sleeping in their beds, and I'm allowing myself a few minutes to finish my coffee before busting rear on this messy house of mine.
Jordan took Tuesday off of work and he and Corban stayed home while I ran around with just Cate- It was so nice!!! We had my 6 week check-up, stopped and saw my family during JD's 8th round of chemo, went to Target, Carter's, and two Once Upon a Child's. Let me just tell you... having a little girl is going to be the death of my budget. Thank goodness I refuse to pay more than $3 for anything I buy... or those 9 dresses, 3 cardigan sweaters, and 2 pair of stockings I bought could have done a number on the ole pocket book. But instead, I just spent $26. Oh, bargain hunting, how I love thee. And yes, I really bought 9 dresses. But they were various sizes (up to 9 months), and the most expensive one was $3. Once Upon a Child is wonderful.
I think I called Jordan like, four times to thank him for letting me have a 'me' day. Granted, Cate was with me, but that's cake compared to having both kiddos. He told me to take my time, go shopping, do whatever I wanted... to just enjoy the day. I was so thankful for that! (notice here: new stockings [$1.50] and new dress [$2- but from Kohl's])
That evening, we had a makeshift date night. We failed to line up a baby-sitter, so with two kiddos in tow, we had a nice (paid-for-by-gift-card) meal at Cracker Barrel... with seats near the fireplace, and many-a-game of...well.. I don't know the name, but it's the triangle with golf pegs- do you know what I'm talking about? Anyway, I was the victor, but was 'just' purty smart. Ha. Corban had a blast taking the pegs out and putting them back in. He did this for nearly an hour. After that, we wandered around Home Depot, dreaming about all the things we'd like to, but probably never will, do to our home. Then I ran into Wal-Mart to grab a bag of Cadbury eggs, some new socks for Cate, and Scrabble. We came home, put the kids to bed, and played an intense game of Scrabble. Again, I was the victor, but just by 2 points. Thank you, queued and plaid, for the big points!
Anyway, my coffee is now gone. I found out late this morning that my in-laws are making a trip up to see us and my house is not clean. I took Corban to the park this morning, just to enjoy the above-freezing temperatues. He laughed for 35 minutes straight. :) Jordan then came home for lunch, and I started writing this right after he left. So yes, it is now time to work.

I also wanted to add: babies grow up WAY too fast. Do you realize that my son is just a few months away from being TWO?!? And my daughter... approaching 2 months? Look at this! They're big!! Corban, in big boy undies.. well, training pants, if you must know- and he wet them minutes after putting them on. But still! And Cate, holding her head up like it isn't 4 times the size of the rest of her body. She actually rolled over from belly to back today, but I'm pretty sure it was an accident. Anyway... these pictures break my heart, but melt it at the same time. Slow down! Please!! (And PS- the pile of clothes next to Corban, who is 'flexing his muscles, btw, is my loot from OUAC).

Monday, March 2, 2009


-2 nights at home with my husband and kids this weekend
-2 hours at Target this morning
-2 hours at our Monday Mama's playdate
-2 sleeping kiddos right now
-2 new library books waiting to be read
-"2" excited for Jordan taking tomorrow off of work, and our 'date night' tomorrow evening!

off "2" snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and a book!