Sunday, August 23, 2009


#210 that I love having a baby girl:

Can't get enough of my sweet baby Cate. Or those stockings. =)

PS- If you look closely, you can see my newly painted room plus my second favorite garage sale find- that oversized wood chair. My Mom recovered the cusions for me and I'm in love!


  1. So the first thing I noticed in the pic was your chair!! And then of course the adorable baby girl. Love the paint, love the chair and LOVE Cate's socks!!!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how adorable Cate is!!!

  3. Now, why can't they make cute tights like that in Mommy size? :)
    Too adorable!!

  4. To Sarah: Target has some great thigh-high socks in funky colors (and yes I own a pair! My husband calls them my Big Bird socks).
    Kristen: Still can't wait to come over this week and see you guys and all the changes in the house. And of course Cate is just adorable. That will never cease.


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