Thursday, March 14, 2013

nora james

Oh sweet, sweet, sweet Nora James. This picture captures so much about her right now-- so little and so big. So beautiful. Gentle and tender. I look at this and I see a little girl... no longer a baby- but still my baby, you know? I don't know how these transitions happen, but this quick capture makes my heart ache in a way that I have only known since being mama -- that tension of wanting to freeze time and keep them little but, oh, the excitement of seeing them grow. She's the most magnetic little girl; she crawls right up on your lap and wins you over with those big brown eyes. She loves people, loves hugs, loves to help. She is the sweetest little gift by way of two year old you could ever imagine and I praise God every day that He saw fit to entrust us with this little one. He is good, huh?

I have taken many more pictures this week, and I am remembering just how sweet it is to freeze frame these little moments of my sweet kiddos, just doing life in this season. I love these of Nora, though, and was just struck with emotion when I came across that first image. I wonder if I'll always feel that way when I see it... I wonder if I just happened to capture in a picture what I'm watching play out.. that quick little dance from baby to girl? Do you see how big she is in these? and how beautiful?!
If you've been neglecting the picture taking like I have been, let me encourage you: just do it! I have been keeping my camera on top of the refrigerator instead of packed away with all my other gear. It's out of the way and safe, but accessible, and I really DO use it when I know I can just grab it. I'm thinking of starting a weekly post with just snapshots from our week-- those little things happening just around our house. 

OH! one more thing--
Happy birthday to the most amazing man, husband, and father I've ever know! I am so grateful to spend my life with Jordan. He is a faithful, consistant, prayerful, diligent man who loves Jesus with his life and as a result loves me, our kiddos, and those around us so well. 
Hope you have an amazing day, my love!

Monday, March 11, 2013


True story: I've taken 28 pictures of my family this month. Over 700 of clients, but only 28 in my own house. I've got to break this 'only use my iphone' rut! So.. I'm challenging myself: At least a picture per day. And blog posts to document them. I realllllllly want to get back to regular posting, and picture taking of my family, so maybe this will help create a new habit. These two pictures were taken last week when we got nailed with a bunch of snow:

 (I think Cate looks so grown up in this picture.)

We have been passing around a slew of germs this last week--- coughs, fevers, double ear infections, pink eye, puking, etc. Super fun! ha. :) Anyway, I think we are all on the upswing and I look forward to resuming normal life.  I also should add that Nora is officially potty trained, that Cate and Corban weigh the exact same amount, and that Caters is in the 80th percentile for height and weight! I am starting a new Bible study with other women my age tomorrow and I SO excited for that. I have been cooking quite a bit, trying lots of new recipes, trying to incorporate way more real food and less processed junk. Because of the aforementioned stomach bug, I haven't had coffee (or really, food for that matter) for three days and I am still living, surprisingly enough. :) I also haven't cleaned my house, which means that I should probably do that, instead of this. ha! More posts to come soon!!