Monday, August 17, 2009


I went with my gut instinct today and took Cate to the doctor for a weight check.
Mama knows best...
My sweet little girl LOST an ounce in the two weeks that had past since our last appointment.
We ended up running blood work, which we'll have the results of tomorrow. We are now adding formula to each feeding; I'll nurse her like always, and then offer a bottle with 2-4 oz. of formula afterwards. I did this tonight, and she only drank an ounce... which makes me think she was already full. I just don't know what to think. I have a hard time believing that she's simply not getting enough nutrients. Wouldn't there be some indication that she's hungry? Would she be sleeping 12 hours straight at night? Would she stop nursing on her own? Would she begin to spit out her food by the end of the second jar of food? While it would be a simple fix, I just have a hard time thinking that's the case... but I'm hoping it is.
She's 7 months and a day old, and weighs 12lbs 9 oz., only 1lb 4oz bigger than she was at 2 months of age, and way off the growth chart (on the bottom end, that is). She's only grown 3 inches in her lifetime, and has dropped from 75th to less than 10th percentile. Thankfully, her head is growing correctly still and she has maintained the 45th percentile. She's way ahead of the game on reaching milestones- crawling at 5 1/2 months, on all 4 crawling by 6 1/2, pulling up by 6 1/2... She's obviously thriving. And she's as happy as could be. That seems to be the biggest good indicator to the doctor... she said several times how good it was that she was so smiley. I don't know. The Mama in me can't help but worry. We'll have blood results tomorrow, go back for weight check on Monday, and go on the 27th for her cardiologist appointment.
In other, GOOD news, Corban PEED on the potty, on purpose, tonight! WOOHOO! It's the first time ever. He's really, really, really wanting to go potty a lot, and is starting to get the hang of things. I can't wait to say goodbye to (size 4) diapers!! And we had good reports on my brother last week, too. But- Jordan and I rented a movie and he's (impatiently-haha) waiting on me so we can start it, so I have to end this here!
Please be praying for my little baby girl!!


  1. praying for your peace of mind

  2. Psalm 121 is a good one for moments like this. Our little Olivia had very similiar issues. She is still petite and small for her age, but otherwise in perfect health. She had some ear issues that led to a bad bacterial infection--which certainly didn't help her weight! But, she is a thriving almost 4 year old. Pray about it and ask for peace, but if it doesn't come and you feel the Lord prompting you, follow through. He gives us special instincts and wisdom regarding our children. On the other hand, He also wants us to be able to rest in Him and the Great Physician and Healer. We have to be careful about keeping those instinctive mothering drives in check and not running out of control. I'll be praying on this end for you, as I know it can be a tough thing to go through.

  3. Kristen,
    I am praying with you for answers. I pray that the doctors can figure this out quickly and Cate can start putting on some healthy weight! I pray that you have energy to work with the specialists and I know, this is VERY exhausting. I pray that you have peace that God is our Great Physician and he can touch little Cate and heal her.

    I am sooo happy for Corbin too!!! I'd love to say goodbye to size 4 diapers too...and not to say hello to size 5's!!! Hahaha!

  4. Some children are just very small. And since you are small maybe it's just going to be her build. I think if she eats well and sleeps well and has no other obvious health problems she's fine. Her little body was formed exactly how Jesus wanted her to be and He knows how to take perfect care of her. I'll pray for you to be able to rest in that.

    Also... AWESOME for Corban going on the potty!! That's so great. Elijah wants nothing to do w/it yet, though he has been showing signs of awareness for quite some time.

  5. Brian is often waiting for me to finish blogging. my bloggin annoys him a bit!


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