Monday, January 12, 2009

Well, my appointment today didn't bring the glorious news I was hoping for. Instead, I was told that I'm 5 lbs heavier than last week, but only 25% more effaced, and not at all more dilated. Such is life, I suppose. :) The ball is in my court- they aren't pushing me to induce like last time, probably because I've said every week for the last 3 months that I didn't want to, but they simply said that any day this week worked for any of them, if I wanted to come have the baby. I said I'd call and let them know.
Right now, I'm just planning on waiting. I'm 3cm, 75% effaced, and having contractions all day, every day, though not regular. She's gonna come out sometime, right? After Corban's nap, we'll go to the YMCA and I'll walk, bounce on the exercise ball, maybe even do the eliptical trainer. I'll finish the rest of my fresh pineapple I bought, and probably eat something spicy for dinner. I'll probably have contractions all night, and probably still be pregnant tomorrow. But- she'll be here someday soon.
And when she is, I can put her in her really cute new shoes I bought for her today. And wrap her in the sweet pink blanket I bought. Or let her wear that warm, fleece outfit I picked up. Or look at her while her brother in his new hoody or puffy vest holds her. Target was good to me this morning. :) I bought baby girl 3 pairs of shoes, a 2 piece fleece outfit, a blanket, and Corban a hoody and a fleece-lined vest, some gum and crackers, all for UNDER $30. And the shoes were Chuck Taylors, btw. Oh, how I love clearance prices! I'm tempted to go back tomorrow to shop for Corban's next year wardrobe... maybe even Baby Girl too. SO many things were $2-3 dollars (for the Genuine Kids stuff too- which is my most favorite!). Retail therapy, perhaps? haha, It really wasn't... I went BEFORE my depressing appointment. I have more self-control (somedays) than that.
Anyway, Corban's in bed, and I need to take a shower, so off I go. Maybe NEXT post will be introducing my daughter.
But probably not. :)

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