Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm back again. a 2009 'Goal' post

I have a few things that I could do to be productive, but for the most part, the things that I can and should do are done. The bulk of my remaining projects are dependant upon my husband moving big heavy things, so I'm enjoying some down time. I just took a quick 30 minute snooze and am feeling better about life in general. It is January 5th, you know, so I figure I better do some sort of 'goals for the year' post.
Most of my goals have the same common denominator: discipline. I tend to swing from one extreme to another, an all-or-none kind of mentality. It'd be nice to find some common ground. Anyway, here ya go:
-I really, really, really would like to read through the Bible this year. I always start and poop out around Deuteronomy or so. I'd actually like to accomplish it this time though. At least finish the Old Testament. I've read all of the New Testament several times, but most of the Old, I haven't. So maybe that's a better goal: read the Old Testament.
-Also regarding time in the Word, I would like to continue to and consistantly read a chapter of Proverbs to Corban every day. Usually (on the days that it happens), I read to him during breakfast. I want it to become an every day thing, not just half the days.
-Do a better job keeping the house up. Stay on top of the laundry, vaccuum more, etc.
-Cook more. I love to cook, and my boys love to eat. But sometimes, I'm just lazy with it. I want to try more recipes, and most importantly, improve the nutrition of what we're eating. We need to do way more fruits and veggies.
-Grow a garden.
-Return my library books on time, everytime. I'm really (x10) bad about this. I'm a librarians worst nightmare. I check out 15 books, read them all in 2 weeks, but don't hand them in for 2 months. Ugh.
-Do a better job sticking to a budget. This is a big one. And a hard one. But I think I, along with the rest of America, are seeing it's importance. It just takes a heck of a lot of discipline, and saying 'no' to self.
-Put more effort into marriage. Not that it's bad or anything like that- it's not. I am very happily married to Jordan. :) But it's so easy to get stuck in a rut, to do the same things every night, to co-exist. I want to put more effort into creative date nights and playing games and just sitting and talking- things like that. Because let's face it- I got one heck of a catch, but marriage isn't easy and it does take effort. I need to do a better job doing my part- in lots of ways, but that's another topic for another day.
-Thinking about the mountain of trash in my front yard (yes, really), stay on top of the clutter. Don't bring more stuff in without taking stuff out. Clean out the closets more often. Get rid of old clothes when buying new clothes. Give away toys that are just collecting dust. Don't be afraid to say 'no' to some hand-me-downs. That kind of thing.
-Exercise, exercise, exercise. But in moderation. :) It's one of those things I can all too easily become obsessive about... but I want it to be a regular, daily thing. We are joining the YMCA tonight, and I am soo excited about it. I want to develop a regular weight lifting routine. And then, one day really soon, I'm going to have a baby. And then 6 weeks later, I will be allowed to run. Oh. my. goodness. I can't wait for that!
-Along with the previous goal, though, not obsess over appearance. It will be okay if I am not back into my regular jeans a week after having a baby. The world will not end. And if it takes a little longer for the weight to fall off, I'll survive that too. I want to spend my time enjoying the precious gift of a new child (and watching with wonder my toddler!) and not counting calories and obsessing over a number on the scale.
-I want to run a 10 miler. Just because. I want to.
-Play outside, explore, dig in the dirt, wade in the creek, take hikes in the woods... I want to teach my children to love the outdoors- not that that will take much effort with Corban. He just stands at the window and watches 'aside'... and tries to escape to the great outdoors every time a door is cracked. I want to nurture and develop that love and curiosity though.
-And last but not least not get pregnant.
There you have it. Merry 2009!


  1. I'm getting ready to post my goals and yours sound VERY similar to mine!!
    (Have you heard of the Fly Lady?)
    She's great for keeping organized and the house clean!

  2. I just posted something like this the other day. This is a great list. I second each of these. :)

  3. Boy we seem so muck alike! I hope you don't get annoyed that I always comment on your posts!

    This is a great goal list; just remember for the first 6 months of BG's life things may take longer to accomplish! Having two REALLY makes more of a difference than one might think! You can do it though, just like you said in the part about getting into shape, take it all in stride and in moderation!

    My goals are so similar, especially the marriage, getting in shape, budget,cleaning, Bible and outdoors parts! I will pray for you, and may God bless you in these areas you hope to improve! Oh and I am praying still for a delivery of sweet BG very soon=)! Do enjoy the end as much as you can though!

  4. Your last one made me laugh. :) Those are great goals. I love that you are reading Proverbs to Corban. What a neat thing to do.

    It's crazy to think that Baby Girl will be here so soon! Are you ready?!

  5. You might try finding a great children's Bible to read to C each day. That version has really helped me in my own understanding and I think my kids don't get as lost in words they don't understand. It at least familiarizes them with the concepts and ideas. You can get them good study Bibles when they are older...


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