Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That waiting thing? Being patient? Enjoying the here and now?
It's hard.
And I'm really bad at it.

Off to get my baby boy out of his crib, and leave my house... so I don't just sit and be mad that I'm still pregnant. I am undecided on what today will hold for us, but probably includes hitting another Target, possibly Babies R Us, the YMCA, and a visit to Daddy at church. That is, if the weather allows. Otherwise, it's going to be a looooong day around here.

Happy Tuesday! Anyone else looking forward to American Idol starting tonight?? I sure am, and my husband sure isn't. But, he can play Oblivion while I indulge in 2 hours on my rear in front of the tv. Oh, the simple pleasures of life. Haha.


  1. Well, I sure hope you spent 2 hours in front of the TV last night. Same channel, in fact! :) I'm SO glad 24 is back. I'm really liking how it's going so far this year.

    We will be tuning in tonight as well. But, I'll probably be half watching it, since I don't always care for the audition phases that much.

    Oh, and right up until that point, I'LL be playing Oblivion, too! :)


  2. You're going to Hollywood! WOOHOO!!! Okay, maybe not, but you get to have a baby girl to cuddle soon, which is probably way better. :) Happy almost Hump Day!

  3. I sooo wish that I could watch American Idol! We don't have cable anymore - and for good reason. But I do love that show.


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