Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a few things I love... about my baby boy.

  • If you ask him to say 'bye bye', he says, and quite adorably might I add, 'See ya!'. If you imply we're leaving anywhere, he starts telling everyone 'see ya!'
  • He adores his Daddy. The wind was blowing hard against the front door yesterday, and he thought it was Daddy coming home. He just sat at the stair and cried when I told him it wasn't Jordan. This morning, he crawled up into our dark bedroom while I made breakfast, just hunting for his Daddy-o. What am I- chopped liver?! haha :)
  • He is absolutely, positively OBSESSED with football. I'm not kidding when I say that he even sleeps with one. It's a soft foam Colts football that showed up out of nowhere, but he'll ask for it and will not lay down until he has his football. He associates the tv with football, because the only time it's ever on is to watch games or when Jordan's playing xbox. So if I turn the tv on, he starts yelling 'football, football!'. If we see anything with the Colts logo on it, he knows that it's football too, and lets everyone know.
  • He still loves musical instruments. His Grandma and Grandaddy (my parents) got him this drum that has several other instruments inside of it and a toy guitar for Christmas and he plays witht them all day long. The whole world is a drum to him. The tv, the stairs, the trashcan. He walks around with the drumsticks often. And of course, bangs his head to rhythm.
  • He is starting to repeat words randomly. Like yesterday, I said 'Oh Geez', and he mimicked me perfectly. Oops. New words already today: turtle, boat, bath. I always sing Jesus Loves Me to him while I snuggle him before putting him down for a nap, and today he was singing along with me. He 'sang' Bible, Yes, and Jesus. It was precious. He also says 'amen' when we pray with him before bed.
  • He loves to laugh. And has the most wonderful laugh you've ever heard. I can't get enough of it. And he totally tries to make you laugh. Just like his Daddy. I love it.

I don't love that he woke up at 5:30a.m. this morning, or that he has been just laying in his crib, talking, for over an hour. He was being very grumpy and defiant, and crying about everything, so I laid him down. I hate that he's not sleeping, but I know he needs to. I can't decide if I should get him up or just let him stay in there. He's not crying and not upset at all, which is a far cry from how he was being when I laid him down. I'll give it a few more minutes, and if he's still awake, I'll get him up.

Anyway, as I was snuggling him before I laid him down, I was just thinking about how wonderful he is, and how much I loved being his Mama, and how I loved these things about him. I'm terrible at writing in his baby book, but do I good job documenting here. So there you have it. A few things about my son. :)

And I'm still pregnant. Contractions started at 10 min. apart this morning, went down to 8, then to 7, but I stopped timing them. I'm still having them, and they are seemingly more uncomfortable, but seem sporadic. I'm going to be pregnant until I'm 82, it's been decided. And, I'm never going to know when I'm in labor, so I'll probably deliver in my front yard. There's worse things though, right? Haha. Off to wash the dishes..


  1. What a fun little guy! It's amazing how similar our boys are. I guess some things are just universal. :)
    I'm sorry you're still pregnant. She's just going at her own pace. Have you heard that country song "waitin' on a woman"? That's what your baby girl reminds me of.
    ha ha. :)
    Have a good day.

  2. mmmm delivering in your front yard sounds fun. :-) hee hee

    Corban sounds like so much fun right now!

  3. If you have that baby in your front yard, you will be on the news! And I will know someone on the news who isn't a criminal-very important. :)

    She'll come, my dear. I don't blame her for not wanting to come out today-it's COLD and snowy and she's warm and cozy. She's already smart.

  4. I loved this post! Corban sounds A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! I would love to be able to sit and listen to him chatter. Listening to little kids talking is one of my favorite things ever. Too cute about how much he adores his daddy...and football. Lol.

    I know what you mean though. One little guy I baby-sit was obsessed with basketball even before he turned 1! They had to move the basketball hoop because Caleb could see it from the dining room table. He'd scream at each meal until he could go get a basketball to play. Haha.

    Pregnant til you are 82- lol. I shouldn't be laughing. One day I'll be saying that, and I'll give you permission to laugh at me. As I mentioned on your other site, I'm praying Baby Girl arrives soon.


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