Monday, December 15, 2008

whoa, baby!

So I went for my weekly appointment today, and during my ultrasound they measured my baby girl. If you watch the screen while they're measuring, you can see the "gestational age" according to the measurements... I kept thinking they seemed further along then I am--- and I was right. I told the ultrasound-tech that she seemed really big, and she responded 'No, she's just measuring 2 days ahead of your due date.' I was baffled, and then asked what due date they had for me. Uh huh... January 8th. Meaning, she was measuring at January 6th. (And my due date is January 16th). Meaning that she's much bigger than your average 35.5 weeker, weighing in at (approximately, I know) 6 lbs. 9 oz.!!! With a month to go!!
Whoa, baby.
She's in the 80th percentile.
I was worried about my lack of 'newborn' sized clothes, but I'm thinking they may not be too necessary. Corban was 7lbs 10 oz. when he was born. I was 8 lbs. 5 oz. myself, and Jordan (my big, beefy husband- haha) was a mere 6 lbs. Looks like she's going to beat her brother, if she keeps cooking in there!
You know what didn't get bigger though? Me!!! I was 1.5 lbs lighter than my last appointment, making my weight gain 28.5 lbs, and not 30. I like that better. Haha.
Anyway, we've got a busy week ahead here. I go to see my electro-physiologist tomorrow, Wednesday is church, Thursday I'm hanging out with a friend, and then Brandon and Holly come in the evening, and Friday is JD's first post-op MRI, and first MRI since starting chemo. Please be praying it comes back clear... Saturday, we have a family Christmas with Jordan's grandpa, and Sunday, we have Christmas with the Taylor cousins. Phew! I'm tired just thinking about it.
And then the next week is Christmas. Holy moly.
I'm full-term the day after, and man oh man, it would just be fantastic if this little girl would come in December, when everyone is off of work and in Indiana already. It sure would make things easier for everyone, myself included. :) I do have her clothes organized, her big brother has a big-boy bed, things are approaching readiness. Oh, to be patient....
I'm off to shower while Corban naps, and then I'm making a dreadful trip to the grocery store. We're out of everything, but I simply do not want to go. And man, it's cold outside!

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  1. Let me tell you, those ultrasound techs don't always know what they're talking about!
    I went in at 36 weeks for an u/s and they told me Elijah measured 8 lbs 3 oz and 4 - 5 days ahead of schedule. So I was thinking, ok in 4 weeks by his due date he'll be 12 lbs at least! (they say the baby grows 1 lb per week in the last month.) Plus I was thinking he might come early b/c of their calculations.
    They couldn't have been more wrong!

    He was born 8 days after my d.d. and weighed 7 lb 6 oz. PLUS I was induced, so who knows how much longer he would have waited!!
    So, don't place too much into what they say. I'm sure baby girl will be just perfect! :)


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