Monday, December 8, 2008

not off to a good start...

So yesterday when I got home from church, I decided to clean the toilets. I ventured into our master bath, which is usually left completely alone- door shut and all. We literally do not use it for anything. It's got an avacado green sink and shower stall, torquoise shag carpet, etc. Nasty. On top of that, it was never cleaned. Like ever. The shower has layers upon layers upon layers of nastiness sitting in it. I spray the outside of the door and the bottom along the floor with bleach weekly, because there used to be a nice layer of mold growing there. Yuck. But, that's as far as our involvement goes.
So back to yesterday... I go in to clean the toilet. The shower head has always leaked, and you'd always hear a drip- but when I was in there I noticed that the drip was water hitting water. Uh oh. So I hold my breath, open the door and see that there is water standing completely even to the lip of the door (it's just a stall, remember- not a tub). Oh, crap. Upon further investigation when jordan got home, we realized that it has overflowed, as the front and floor are both damp. Crap again. So- I make my way downstairs, unsure of what to do at this point. I am in kitchen and start trying to think about what would be below that shower (it's upstairs). I then realize that it'd be my kitchen by my oven. I walk there, look up, and find a wet ceiling. Oh brother.
At that point, I called Jordan, and then went up stairs to start filling a pitcher and dumping water, trying to empty the stall. It was a very slow process. When Jordan got home, he got out the shop-vac and emptied it that way. He poured draino or something along those lines down the drain, and it's still sitting there, 24 hours later. Well, that plus more water.
We're waiting to hear from our insurance guy, and will go from there I guess. I'm just hoping and praying that it's not going to cost us a ton of money!!! I'm a little anxious about it all, really, and cannot wait to hear what Monte has to say.
Anyway, on top of that, we were up a good portion of the night with Corban- he's got a terrible cough and just coughed all night long- it even kept him up this time, which it usually does not. :( He's definitely not acting himself today, so I'm going to have to call the doctor, yet again. My poor kiddo is always sick! I was going to have someone watch him for me today so I could go to my OB appointment and then to chemo with JD, but they're sick and Corban's sick, so that won't be happening. Overall, I'm in a pretty foul mood. lol. I would really like to curl up in my bed with a good book, but that won't be happening. And I want so badly to be there with JD. But, it's best that I stay away with my son being sick and all.
Anyway, I'm off to finish getting ready. A happier Monday to you!

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