Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Winter has made its appearance in mid-central Indiana. I guess it's alright, seeing as Christmas is 9 days away. Come January 1st, though, it can pack its bags and head right on out. After all, anyone who has been to Target or any other store knows that summer is right around the corner, with all the bathing suits and such making an appearance. Yes, seriously. Mid-December shoppers have a wide array of stinking bathing suits to choose from. And I thought it was nuts to see Christmas decorations in October. Let's not even put the summer stuff away next year, alright? Christmas decoration, all year round. Winter jackets? Let's put them out in April... you know, for those who like to shop 8 months in advance.
Geez, Louise!
Anyway, it is bitterly cold today, as it was yesterday. My new windows are doing a much better job keeping the house warm than our former non-windows ever dreamed of doing. It'd probably be warmer in here if I'd allow the thermostat to be set above 65, but anything warmer than that, and I'm sweating. This crazy pregnant body! We're supposed to get our first batch of bad weather tonight. Freezing rain, snow, and the like. It's supposed to be hitting around 3 or so this afternoon... I was supposed to go to the heart doctor today, but I post-poned my appointment because I didn't want to be driving in the weather. I'd be driving when the weather was supposed to be the worst, in the busiest part of indiana, during rush hour traffic. No, thanks.
I finished Christmas shopping today! Wooo!! And, I am very pleased with my purchases. I really really enjoy Christmas shopping. It's the wrapping that I find dreadful. Wanna come wrap my presents for me?
Whenever I cough, Corban barks. It's the funniest thing! And- he got 2 new teeth today!! One top molar, and one of his bottom front teeth. He's up to 8 now.
Oh, and speaking of new things!- This week, we got a new (used) 52 inch television, and a new (used) fridge. Just given to us. Randomly. Things that were far from necessary, but an absolute blessing. We are very thankful... I'm especially thankful for the fridge!!! I've been wanting (and needing) more freezer space.
My Baby Girl (whom, I'm sorry, Aunt Holly, is still without a name)'s bumper pad came in today. A rare occurance, imo, but I like it even more so in person than I did in the picture! It's beautiful!! And the backside of it, which I couldn't see from the picture, is pale yellow, green, and white stripes. It's perfect. Exactly what I was wanting, and then some. The right amount of girl to it, without being overwhelmingly pink. Yessssss! I can't wait to put her room together, but I have to do Corban's room first. But Jordan has to do the floor in Corban's room before that. And we have to decide what we want to do before that. And so the list goes.
Anyway, Corban is pulling wipes out and pretending to blow his nose on them, so I must go put a stop to it before the wipes run out. Ha. Adios!

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  1. our stairs are off the kitchen and there is a doorway between the two, so I put the trash can in the stairwell and put up a baby gate to keep him out. He hasn't figured out how to climb over the gate yet like Corban has! :)
    I think there are trash cans with sliding lids or foot pedal lids which might hinder him a little bit.
    Boys! Always playing in dirty stuff, eh?! :)


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