Tuesday, December 2, 2008

in case you were wondering...

  • what 34 weeks pregnant looks like, the second time around:

  • what my kitchen (okay, one corner of it) used to look like:

  • what that same corner of my kitchen looks like now:

  • what my bathroom used to look like (and please, take note of the choo-choo train border, peach walls, and red-white-blue SHAG CARPET):
  • what my bathroom looks like now:

And that, folks, is just a small taste of the improvements we've made on our home. If I didn't hate the way pictures worked on blogger, and if I didn't need to be preparing my house for company, I would show some more examples. But that should be enough to whet your appetite, no? :) Happy Tuesday!


  1. you are so.stinking.cute. I can't stand how beautiful your belly is! The home improvements are looking awesome too!! Love the color in the kitchen, it looks like the same color that used to be in my old kitchen. And the white makes it look so much bigger!
    And WOW that bathroom before...there are no words. It looks amazing now though! :) Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

  2. woe!!! the house is looking GREAT!!!! I'm so impressed!

    and you're belly is looking so lovely. :-)

  3. Wow, it looks great! All that hard work has paid off.
    And could your belly BE any cuter??!!

    Did you get your tree up yet? :)

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  5. Adorable...the belly, not the house. The house looks great, too though!


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