Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am so tired.

I tossed and turned...
and then tossed and turned....
and tossed and turned some more
until Corban got up at 5:55a.m. I feel so tired right now.
And so, my friends, while my precious, rambunctious baby boy, who now is the posessor of 9 teeth sleeps... I think I will do the same.
I'm off to snuggle up into my bed and pray that an hours worth of sleep will make up for my lack of nighttime slumber.
Any good middle names to go with the name Cate?
Just wondering. You know, in case someone wants to name their daughter that one day.
My baby girl probably won't have a name until we meet her. Which I'm praying is soon, by the way. I had another over-an-hour bout of 4 minute apart contractions last night. They continued off and on throughout the night, and have been sporatic today. A handful of them have been pretty uncomfortable, but not regular, so it's just my body practicing, surely. I'm sure that she's dropped though, as I know how sciatic nerve pain down the back of my leg, feel like there's a bowling ball resting in between my hips, and can no longer find a shirt to cover the bottom few inches of my stomach. 4 more weeks of this?! Oh Lord, please, no! Haha. I'm not really that miserable. Just impatient and sleep deprived. Don't laugh at me. I got less sleep pregnant then I did when Corban was a newborn. I'm praying for another one of those.
Anyway, I'm rambling, this is pointless, and I'm wasting valuable shut-eye time. Off to dreamland I go...


  1. Elizabeth? Seems like she would need a longer first name if the first name is monosyllabic.

    With each of my pregnancies, I had stronger and longer contractions before the big day arrived. In fact with baby girl #3, if I hadn't been at the doctor's office and they hadn't insisted that I was indeed in active labor (5 cm!!!) I would have gone home and just tried to ignore the pain. The good thing about second (and 3rd and 4th..) is that labor is usually MUCH shorter. My 4th was a c-section, but that 3rd...35 minutes!

  2. hmmm... I like Cate Elizabeth too. What do you think of seasonal type names, like Aurora or Noel??? I also thought Colby Cate sounded cute! We like the double initials in the Rossi house!

    I hope you got some rest! I really feel for ya, like I said Kairi was a lot like this, accept I was effaced 65% and dilated 2cm for a month before any real action began! But with her I knew the day was here and I had strong consistant contractions that whole day and I stayed home and waited until they got 5min. apart, we went to eat at Rancho Bravo(I had to have it!) and they got to 3 apart during dinner, so from there we went to the hospital. Long story short i walked the halls til I got to 5cm then rested, they broke my water and then gave me my epidural, by 9am I was ready to push and once the doc came in at 10am she was out in less than 10 min! I was there 8 hours before she came out! So labor is usually a lot easier with the 2nd! All the practice contractions help open you up and make the time in the hospital easier! I will be praying for you!

  3. What about Cady? Sounds like Katie but spelled differently. She could be a Cadence...
    Just an idea. I know you're probably open to suggestions for Baby Girl. ;)
    By the way, I've misplaced you and Jordan's address, can you send it to me? Thanks!

  4. Didn't I read a while back you were thinking of Emilia? What about Cate Emilia? Or Emilia Cate? I like Cate. It's simple and classic. In case you wanted my $.02. :) Hope you got some sleep today!

  5. here's to hoping that little girl comes soon!!! :-) ...and then you can sleep! :-)


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