Friday, December 5, 2008

7 things about Corban at 7:30.


1. My son is already in bed... and has been for 30 minutes. This is what happens when afternoon naps are neglected.

2. My son is a human garbage disposal. He will wrestle you down for that bite of popcorn, or climb Mt. Everest to reach that slice of orange. There's no measure he won't take to get himself a bite of cracker. So beware. You've been warned... now warn your kiddos.

3. Mr. Corban has the best laugh in the whole entire world. There's not a greater noise in the anywhere. Debate with me if you must, but I'm telling the truth. And if you heard him, you'd agree.

4. Mr. Corban also has quite the temper. I'm currently experimenting with disciplinary action, so if you have any suggestions- do tell. So far ineffective: spanking, time out, going to bed, restraining.... All that's left is removing limbs. But I'd like to keep him alive past his second birthday, and keep him in my custody as well. Hmmm.. But for real- he will yell at you, throw himself on the ground, slam his fists and kick his feet, and my personal favorite (not)- headbutt. What I've done today and I think if I consistantly do it, we may get somewhere... but when he would throw a fit (which was often, unfortunately), I would take him to a chair in the corner of the office, sit him on my lap, and hold him close, arms down to his side. Oh, he screamed, reared back, etc. but after a minute, he'd just be sad. And then I'd pray with him, tell him I loved him, and let him go about his business. A time-out of sorts, I suppose. The parenting part of being of a parent is hard, ladies and gentlemen!

5. Corban, or stinky boy as he's often referred to around my house, associates any spelling or letters said with Old Mac Donald. You sing the ABC's? His response: "O-O-O-I-E-O." You spell his name? "E-E-E-O-E". You sing Old Mac Donald? "Woof. Woof." The kid's a riot. :)

6. His brain works just like his fathers. I'm serious. If you know Jordan at all, you know that, well... he's a little off the wall. Corban thinks on the same field, I think. For example, I asked him to put away the football playstation game cases (which he searches for and carries around all day long). He looks at me, walks up into the office, into the kitchen, opens the cabinet, sets the games neatly in a pot, shuts the cabinet and comes back down to the living room. Like it was the most natural thing in the world. He picked up a piece of paper in the office. I asked him to put it in the trash... so he walks into the kitchen, takes a little turn into the bathroom, opens the toilet, puts the paper in, shuts the lid, walks back out. I couldn't help but laugh! I've also found a glass of milk in that drawer underneath the oven, shoes in kitchen pots, diapers in the toilet, etc. Oh what a boy. :) Also like his daddy, he loves to laugh and make others laugh. And he's darn good at it too.

7. Corban Gabriel McG is all boy. Everything about him screams masculine, with the exception of his forever-long eyelashes. He has more energy than I could ever dream of having. He's obsessed (seriously) with football. He's very rough... likes to wrestle and tackle and throw and growl. Loves cars and dogs. Dislikes anything that requires him to be still or quiet. Wouldn't dream of watching TV. Thinks dolls are made for throwing. Laughs at bodily noises. He's very strong-willed, determined. Climbs anything that he can. Loves Daddy so much it's unbelievable. Refuses to say 'mama' ever... He's not a snuggler, but gives love head-butts on occassion, and chin kisses when the mood strikes. He absolutely loves to sleep, and let's you know when it's time for 'niiiiii niiii'. He will lay his head on you if you've got his blankie and he has his paci, but only for a minute, and he wants put in bed and left alone. Will win your heart with just one smile, have you wrapped around his finger with a bat of those gorgeous eyes. He's my precious, sweet sweet boy and I cannot imagine my life without him. He brings me more joy than I ever dreamed possible. The depth of the love I have for him far surpasses anything I ever imagined bestowing on anything or anyone.

And- he's darn cute too. :) See?


  1. So adorable!

    In your spare tine (ha!) you might read "Shepherding the Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp. Great read for you at this stage. It really helped us set boundaries and goals before our kids started needing them. We still go back to the book because it's a gem!

  2. He is a cutie pie! I think our boys were separated at birth, they are strangely alike in so many ways, from the forever long eyelashes to the carrying around football play station game cases!

  3. So funny about him putting thing where they don't belong. Elijah does that too! I find cans of green beans in his toy basket, flipflopss in the pantry, sippy cups just about anywhere, toothbrushes or toys in the pots and pans. What's really bad is when we're trying to go somewhere and I have to tear the house apart trying to find my shoes or the keys. :) ALL boy, huh?


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