Friday, December 12, 2008

a new 'trick'...

I was soundly sleeping this morning, when all of a sudden I heard my son crying...

right outside of my bedroom door!

What?! Jordan sprung out of bed faster than I've ever seen him move, and sure enough, it really was Corban at our door. Uh oh. He hadn't been fussing or crying, or even babbling... we heard nothing in the monitor (which I double checked, and it was on). We could see his escape route when we got to his room- but now the dilemna- what do we do!?
I can't close his door because it'll get too hot with his space heater. I could try a gate, but it'll be just days before he figures out how to climb over it, I'm sure. I guess we'll have to do the inevitable, what we've been planning on doing anyway... moving him to his big-boy bed.

Anyway, we're off to an ear re-check appointment, with a little detour at Super Target. Then home again, home again. We've stayed in a ton this week, and it's been good for us, I think. Especially with my sick kiddo.
Oh- and I finished the trim in one of our living rooms. I've decided to take it one room at a time, one per day. It's a lot less overwhelming this way.
And that dreadful nausea you get first trimester of pregnancy? Well, first and second, if you're like me? Well- it's returned. And gag reflex is in full force. I'm just waiting for the stomach contents to follow. Why oh why? Isn't it enough that I'm toting around 30 extra pounds, a watermelon in front, have absolutely no energy, a zitty face...? We really have to throw in morning sickness again? Haha. Baby Girl, come quickly. :)

And on that note, I'm off. I need a glass of ice water like I need my next breath. Adios.


  1. I just love reading about your life! It makes me laugh the way you tell your should seriously think about writing children's books! Sorry about your sickness...bless your heart, that cannot be fun. At least you are almost done!! Praying for you!

  2. It looks a little prison-esque, but when our oldest was between one and two, we stacked two baby gates, one on top of the other, across her doorway for awhile until we were sure she could handle the bigger bed. Our oldest two are 19 months apart and I wasn't sure I wanted the oldest to have all that freedom at the same time we had a newborn in the house. It did the trick long enough to get our second one sleeping in some sort of pattern. Plus, it was cheaper! Eventually, she learned how to knock them down, but that was about 2 months later and we were ready for the big bed by then!

    Blessings to you all!

  3. Oh wow! He can do that already?!!! Very impressive... and I guess I know it will coming our way soon.

    Hope you feeling better soon!

  4. wow! I can't believe he can already get out! so impressive~

  5. ooh, you have a little escape artist on your hands! fun fun.
    My friend put a screen door on her son's room, that way he could not get out, but they could still hear and see him. an idea perhaps?


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