Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who gets sick on top of being 9 months pregnant and miserable?! Geez louise! I'm getting a cold or sinus infection, so I slept terribly and feel terrible this morning. My body is suddenly swelling for some reason, and the pressure between my legs, I kid you not, is nearly unbearable. I woke up every single time I turned over because I was groaning from the discomfort. And I'm not a baby! I usually tolerate pain pretty decently. I'm just praying that this baby girl makes her appearance ASAP. Well, preferrably in a few hours, as I need a few hours to finish the task at hand. What task you ask?
Let me tell you about my night.
We got home about 8 or 9, I don't remember, and after giving myself 20 minutes on the massage chair, I got to work. I started by directing Jordan on where to put the things I'd already sorted in Corban's new room, and then began my bedroom. I ended up cleaning out my closet completely- which was a HUGE task. I then cleaned out all of my dresser drawers, and ended up with 2 trash bags full of clothes for Goodwill. After that, I moved to Corban's room and cleaned out his closet and put into tubs everything he has already outgrown. I finally took everything off of hangers (that had been hanging there since last January, unused.- I put all of his clothes in drawers). I think I need to invest in a few more totes though, as he's now outgrowing his 12 month stuff, and I have no where to put them. His drawers need to be reorganized, but that's the least of my worries today.
My sitting room in my bedroom is still pretty messy. I've taken care of one tote, but have a mountain of clothes to fold and put away on the couch. I still have one tote to go through. Then I need to straiten up my vanity, and my bedroom is completed. You don't know how long it's been since my bedroom has looked even as good as it does right now. It feels good, that's for sure.
I also feel incredibly compulsed to clean out the 'laundry' closet, which is our big closet upstairs. It serves as our linen closet, dirty clothes closet, and Jordan's camping gear closet. And right now, it's doggone messy. I finally have all of the dirty clothes clean, but I now need to clean off the rest of the floor so I can put baskets in there to sort clothes as we dirty them, as opposed to making mountains like I usually do.
Jordan and his buddy Chris ripped up the carpet in the cat pee room (Corban's new room), and man oh man, does it smell like cat pee. I sprayed the subfloor with vinegar to help remove the smell, but we're laying some sealer and laminate wood flooring on top of it, and the carpet and pad have been removed, so I think we'll be alright. Jordan and his dad are laying the laminate today, and then we can move the rooms! Corban's current room is crazy messy because we have every baby thing we own and baby girl stuff and dresser in the middle of the room. Soon and very soon, it'll all be organized. It's so close I can taste it... ahhh.. :)
You have no idea (well, maybe you do) how good it feels to finally get this stuff done, for there to be some organization, to de-clutter. We took out the seats of our van, and it is full of stuff to take to Goodwill, and we're not finished yet. I'm just amazed (and repulsed) at how much excess we have. Normally, I would like to give this stuff to people we know, but I just want it gone. So it's either been in the Goodwill pile, or the trash pile. And both piles are getting reaaaaaaaaaaaly big. But I'm glad.
Anyway, I'm off to tackle the Christmas presents, which are in a giant pile in the living room floor. Then to fold the laundry that's downstairs, and then to finish my bedroom. I'd start there, but Jordan is fast asleep, and I don't want to wake him. Oh- did I mention that I could've slept in today, as my son is with my mom? But no, drainage, discomfort, and pressure kept that from happening. I was up at 7. Boo to that. Anyway, hi ho hi ho, it's off to work I go!


  1. You motivated me to clean our bedroom which is more like a laundry catch all room with a bed!

    Go prego go!

    Praying for you and that Baby girl to have a healthy delivery very soon!

  2. Sounds like you are must be on her way soon!


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