Sunday, December 14, 2008

much ado about what to-do... haha

After over an hour of 3 minute apart contractions last night, I realized that this baby's arrival is just around the corner. With her arrival just around the corner, I realized that I need to get ready for her. My mind has been reeling with things I need to do and so guess what!? You get to see my to-do list. Mostly because I left my journal in the car, and don't want to go outside. And a little bit because I simply like blogging.

  • Wash car seat cover.
  • Put batteries in swing and bouncy seat.
  • Empty cradle of Corban's baby things.
  • Put cradle in our bedroom.
  • Clean bedroom.
  • Catch up on laundry (yeah.. right).
  • Buy baby girl newborn socks, winter hat, and headbands. (okay, so those aren't pressing issues... but they're fun!)
  • Pack hospital bag.
  • Take mountain of random things on Corban's big boy room floor to Goodwill.
  • Clean out Corban's closet.
  • Return borrowed baby boy clothes.

There you have it. Aside from the normal to-do stuff, like sweep the kitchen and clean the toilets, there's the things that I really would like to have done before this Baby Girl makes her entrance. Oh, and about the contractions... it was like this when I was pregnant with Corban, and it makes for a really miserable last month. I'll be on edge from here on out, wondering if 'this is it.' I started having regular contractions at 34 weeks with Corban, and was hooked up to fluids to try and stop them. The fluids did nothing at all, but I wasn't dilating, so I was sent on my way. I endured random bouts of regular contractions for the remainder of my pregnancy, but none of them did a darned thing. Poo.

I've had a handful of regular ctx this time around, but never with either pregnancy have they been 3 minutes apart. These weren't painful, but uncomfortable, and I could really feel it in my back. I woke up at 3 a.m. with some pretty intense waves of cramping as well, but I didn't bother timing them, and eventualyl fell back asleep.

What concerns me about it all is knowing when they're real thing. I was induced with Corban, given Cervadil and pitocin, and eventually a Folley bulb to manually open my cervix, since I wasn't dilating. The bulb opened me to 5 cm, the dr. broke my water after that, and I got an epideral at 6 cm. They had the pit maxed out on the second day, and the third day (with the bulb) was the day I was actually laboring, but with the pitocin. There was never a point during any of my induction that I was having to breathe through contractions or anything like that. After they broke my water, they definitely were more intense and I was having to have Jordan push on my back, but aside from that, it really was pretty much the same thing I'd been feeling for weeks. So what- do I just wait until my water breaks? How do you know it's the real thing, when you've been having 'real' contractions for a month!? I know it'll all work out, but I'm going to have to spend a lot of time praying to not be anxious for the remainder of the pregnancy, as this 'not knowing' business drives me crazy.

Anyway, off to start working on my list. First task at hand: laundry. Ew. Good day!


  1. One thing is for sure, the Lord knows the day he appointed for Baby Girl's birth. So... whenever that day comes, He'll let you know and help you get through it. I know its easier said than done, but try not to worry about if "this is it" because something tells me you'll know for sure when its the real thing. :)

    If I had it to do over, I would have not let my Dr. induce my labor with Elijah. I was 8 days overdue, but I was not at all uncomfortable, had no b.h., no swelling, and we were both perfectly healthy. So I often wish I would have just let it happen naturally. I think labor would have been easier that way. Not that I'm complaining... it was 6 hours from my 1st contraction to my last. We really did have an easy delivery. PTL.
    I'll be praying for you and baby girl. That your labor and delivery are easy and for your mind to be at peace about the whole ordeal.
    This is a very exciting time for you!
    I hope you have a chance to get all those things checked off your list before the big day. But if you don't, it's ok too. :)

  2. I agree with Sarah, you will know!:) I do feel for ya though, I did the same thing with Kairi, starting around 34 weeks! I was dilated then though! So I walked a lot to help open up! She came one day before her due date! I "felt" like it would be that day too, after praying about it the weekend before! But every pregnancy is different, keep that in mind! With Daniel, my water broke at home, with Kairi it wouldn't break even at 5cm so the doc did it. I will be praying for you and BG!


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