Sunday, November 28, 2010

well well well

I fell off the wagon. 
Twenty two days of thirty isn't too shabby for an inconsistent blogger like myself, though, right??
I wish I could find my camera battery charger so that I could upload pictures from our fantastic long weekend... but alas, it's missing for the moment. Regardless- it was one of the more relaxing holidays, it seemed, and for that I'm really thankful.
We spent lots of time with family. We pretty well split the time between my parents and Jordan's, and it was wonderful.
We ate a lot of delicious food and played a lot of games. I love times like that. A lot.
I went Black Friday shopping and walked for the majority 10ish hours.
I didn't get spectacular deals and found myself mostly frustrated by the chaos in the early morning. Toys R Us was in complete disarray and out of everything I wanted and I was none too pleased.
My mood brightened after a chocolate chip bagel and hazelnut coffee from Panera, though. I have around 5 or so gifts left to buy... but if you remember my previous post, that's a whole lot less than 2 million, so I can't complain.
My baby dropped. Like, noticeably, inches lower dropped. Weird. I don't remember it ever being so obvious before. I've found myself getting my hopes up that this one will arrive sooner than later... and then I read my blog from this point in pregnancy with Cate. It appears that I thought the same thing for the same reasons with my baby girl who didn't arrive a moment sooner than her due date. 
I will say, though, that the contractions aren't near as constant as they were my other two pregnancies. This makes life much more enjoyable. I am more tired than I've ever been in my whole life, though.
Also, by golly, I am crossing things off my to-do list like crazy. 
Today we pulled out the Christmas decor and baby clothes. I sorted through three totes and have four piles to wash tomorrow- burp cloths and blankies, newborn sized baby girl clothes (oh, and are they ever precious!), newborn sized baby boy clothes (which I refuse to believe ever fit my 3.5 year old little boy), and a stack of white onesies and gender neutral gowns and sleepers. 
I've got to admit that I laid awake in bed for way too long last night worrying about those darn clothes and couldn't get them out of the attic fast enough today.
I'm down to my final two photo sessions as far as editing goes- and they're both started and will be finished before weeks end.
I scrubbed the tub and toilets and have conquered lots (and lots) of laundry.
I got groceries with two rambunctious toddlers, and that alone is worthy of some sort of award. Ha- joking, but it was none too fun this evening, as neither were interested in being stuck in a cart. 
OH! AND! We now have a working furnace.
Alright. I must sleep. Pictures to come if I ever find my charger (which will probably keep me awake tonight...)

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