Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm suddenly 5 weeks away from my due date.
In those 5 weeks, we have Thanksgiving and Christmas, along with hundreds of little get-togethers and parties to attend. (Okay, maybe not hundreds...). I also have something like 2 million people to buy gifts for (not complaining- I LOVE buying presents. Like, love love love. And there might be a few less than 2 million). Let's not even discuss the monstrosity of a list I have going on home projects that need completed...

And then there is this possibility that the baby could come early. Like before Christmas is over. 

(insert major panic face here)

I need to go Christmas shopping. Right now. And mop the floors and fold the laundry and decorate for Christmas and dust the baseboards and scrub the floor and vacuum and buy a car seat and clean my room.
How did I suddenly become this pregnant? Why didn't I realize before that January 1st is only days after December 25th? Why didn't I start Christmas shopping in August? 
And tell me- why oh why did I think getting rid of 3 closets was a good idea? 
My house has never recovered from that transition. 
And I'm afraid that it never will.

I suddenly have this burst of energy... I want to do it all... like five minutes ago. I made a pretty good dent on my room (which bares the brunt of the closet transition) and have quite a goodwill pile going. I also have stacks of maternity clothes to pack away and piles of jeans that I so look forward to wearing in the near future. (darkwash skinny jeans... you've been missed. We'll meet again soon- I hope.)
I scrubbed toilets and counters and then laid on the couch and rested. And by rested, I mean scoured websites for baby names (zilch, zip, nada), but that's another post for another day.
And now... I must Christmas shop. 
Just waiting on my little girl to wake up from her nap, or Jordan to text back and say that he'd really love to go shopping with me tonight, so I'm not toting the kids around by myself. (ha... hahah...) It'd be amazingly amazing if I could be mostly done by the end of Black Friday. A lofty goal, yes, but feasible.
All of this to say- I'm really stinking pregnant.
And I want need some coffee.
And I hope to find some killer pre-Thanksgiving sales down at the outdoor mall.



  1. This post made me smile...and laugh...not at you, but with you.

    If you want to put my stuff - sweaters and maternity clothes in a bag, I can come by and get it sometime. It's a small part of the load of stuff you need to do, but a part nonetheless, and I need to pack it up anyway...

    as I'm moving in FIVE WEEKS.

    (Oh, and please tell Baby McG #3 that I'd love to meet him or HER before we move 2,000 miles away.)


  2. I laughed too, hope that's okay :) Praying you can get a good chunk of all your list accomplished before the babe arrives and if not that you can rest in knowing you sure as heck tried! Do you shop at Ikea much? They have so many storage solutions for not so badly priced, low profile wardrobes for "closet" space, under the bed storage, on the wall, on and on...We have moved like a million times and closet space is always an issue for us too, so I feel your pain! Good luck on the shopping endeavor I know what it's like with two kids in tow, just not pregnant with two kids in tow :) That makes you super woman in my books!

  3. Ah yes. the late pregnancy list-making, nesting, scrambling around at the last minute doing tons of stuff phase!!! I can relate. :)

    good luck to you!

  4. Do you need a car seat? We have one you can use. Only used by one little baby boy;) In great shape, neutral tan and green and works up to 30 lbs (which is a ridiculous weight for a 1 year old!) You are welcome to borrow. We also have a nice, sweet, car seat blankie wrapper thingy for the car seat as well. I can get it to someone who can get it to you:) Oh, and December 21st is a nice birthday...I'll share.


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