Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 days of thankful- day 9

See the post below. I'm really excited and thankful for that!!!
I magic erased, clorox wiped, and murphy oiled every inch of kitchen space today... counters, cabinets, walls, floors. It sparkles in there- and for the first time in the history of home ownership, I'm 100% satisfied with it, it's perfect, exactly as I want it. We laid ceramic tile when we moved in, and I liked it- but it looked and felt cold, and then it cracked and broke. We found the new floor ridiculously marked down Christmas eve last year and it was exactly what I was wanting. I LOVE IT!!!!!
Also- I will throw in a major 'I'm thankful for' for my in-laws. They came up Monday morning, and Jerry (my father-in-law) stayed until this evening helping with numerous projects around the house... along with letting us sleep in while he played with the kids, and staying here for us to go on our mini-date last night. I could write a million words on how thankful I am for them- far far far beyond just helping the last few days around here- but I've been staring at this computer screen for too many hours (editing, of course) and I'm ready for bed. One day, oh maybe one day... I'll get to really write. Once I'm all caught up on editing, I'll have the freedom to do so again. And I'm getting really close. Like two sessions away from having some breathing room. My goal is to finish tomorrow. We'll see though. :) Okay. I'm done. Adios. See you tomorrow.


  1. I'm with you on the ceramic floor. we put it in when we moved in too and now I'm wishing we didn't. We have hardwood floors in the rest of our house so in order so redo it we have to match to 60 year old floors. Yours looks great. I just got caught up on editing - feels so good. I can't wait to get busY on other things.

  2. the kitchen looks fantastic and i'd say you definitely got lucky in the in-law department. it's hard to imagine more wonderful people than jerry and page. :)


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