Thursday, November 18, 2010

day 16 (17 and 18)

I am so thankful and SO stinkin excited to be finishing up my packing for the next few days.
First, we're going to Cville to my parents house... where my Grandma and Papaw from Mississippi will also be!!!!! I am so excited to see them and for them to see our kiddos, too. We last saw them in the beginning of May, so Corban and Cate have changed so much since last seeing them.
Then tomorrow, I'm dropping the kids off early afternoon with my in-laws and heading back up to Indy to prepare a meal and snack and to pack for myself and Jordan. We're heading down to a big cabin in Brown County with three other couples (who are all close friends) for a little mini marriage retreat. We've got lots of food and games planned, plus the viewing of the Bob Coy Marriage series sermons. I am soooooooooooo excited about it- majorly bummed that I'll be playing the single girl most of Friday, as Jordan won't be joining us until late Friday night (he's at a youth conference), but what can you do? Like I said, these are all close friends we'll be with, so it won't be uncomfortable or anything. I have to admit that I'm not sad at all to hear that the hot tub is broken-- since I would be sitting by myself while everyone else enjoyed- hahah!
Saturday evening we'll head back and pick up the kids and go to my parents house to celebrate my big brother's 30TH birthday! Whoa. :) JD and I had teased him for years that he was 'almost 30'... and, well, now he will be! Happy birthday, Brandon!! So glad you guys are back home in indiana... Cant wait to celebrate this weekend. :) Looking forward to the time with everyone, too! And then Sunday, we have our extended family Thanksgiving.
Lots of fun and exciting things! I hope I can keep up, as my energy is in the negatives these days (not to mention a baby who appears to have dropped and makes walking or moving quite uncomfortable). So with that- I won't be posting again until after the weekend. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

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  1. Your marriage retreat sounds like so much fun! Maybe we'll have to organize that for our friends too. Have fun!!! :)


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