Tuesday, November 16, 2010

thankful for Caters... day 15

Short, sweet and picture heavy tonight- but I'm so thankful for my little girl- and the good checkup we had at the cardiologist today. I had more fear going into this appointment than ever before- but nothing has changed. She's either asymptomatic or the medicine is doing its job, but either way, there were no episodes recorded by her implanted device that indicate any need for change from what we're already doing. 
I'll spare you the medical details for now, but it's a tremendous relief for this Mama's heart that Cate's heart is just beating like it should.
I love this little girl more than words could ever say. I love how she becomes more and more of her own person every minute- that she's got her own sense of style and her own determined mind. I have a strong suspicion that she will not be a crowd follower... and I love her for that. :) She's my girl, my sweet baby girl, and I am so so so thankful for her.

And just to be fair- I love this little guy more than words could ever say, too, but that's another post for another day. :)


  1. I love your daughter. She's the very best little Cate. :)
    By the way...my word verification is 'Brian'. How random!

  2. love the one of her on jordan's handlebars. can't wait to get a mcg kiddo fix this weekend, i miss those babies and their mama!!

  3. I just noticed that pic of her on the handlebars... woah!! Manny would never in a million years let our boys do something so dangerous! :) He's very over protective.


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