Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 days of thankful- day 3

I'm gonna be real honest here.

My kiddos didn't nap yesterday.
And then last night they went to bed two hours late, and this morning woke up an hour earlier than normal.

I'm praising Jesus for nap time.
And it's not just nap time, but a loooooooong nap time. Like entering the fourth hour nap time.

I've gotten a ton of work done, listened to a sermon, and then enjoyed a silent house. Absolutely refreshing.

I'm also (and really, even more so) thankful for a perfect check up at the doctor today. Baby McG #3 looks perfect! I'm convinced this baby is going to be my smallest-- it measured a few days behind it's due date today. I don't remember exactly with Corban, but I know Cate was measuring a week or two ahead by this point. Anyway, it measured in at approximately 3lbs 14 oz. and passed it's BPP fairly quickly. I go once a week from here out.
This was the first ultrasound I took the kids to. Cate did NOT want them to touch me- she cried when they put the gel on my belly, the blood pressure cuff on my arm, etc... so protective (and possessive) of her Mama. Corban said the baby looked scary and that it was probably a brother... or a sister. Wise little boy I have, huh? :) It's just amazing to me to consider the beginning of this pregnancy and how we feared that this baby would never be one we'd hold in our arms... and here we are, less than two months out from my due date. Thank you, Lord! I am so excited.
With that, I hear little footsteps upstairs and a baby girl asking for her 'cuppy'. Better go! I'll be back for day 4 tomorrow!


  1. I am thankful for long naps too AND a healthy baby as well! So cute that Cate was so protective at the ultrasound:)

  2. Me too! Elijah took a 3.5 hour one today but I'm afraid it's because he isn't feeling well.

    PTL that baby McG is doing great!!


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