Thursday, October 1, 2009

Corban was in bed long before I was home tonight, as has happened way too often the last month. I decided to sneak in and at least take a peak at my little boy, but he heard me open the door.
I snuggled up in bed next to him, and he grabbed my face with both hands. "Mama, you're home," his sleepy voice said so sweetly. He snuck his arm underneath my head, held tightly to my neck with his little fingers... "mama, yey," he said, and my I felt his grip tighten, my heart melt a little more, in a way that only my son can do.
I see more and more every single day what precious, precious gifts my children are. I am so incredibly, overwhelmingly thankful for them, to have them right now, that they're here right now. I see a tiny glimpse of why things have happened when they did, why I had Corban first, why I didn't finish school. Can you imagine if I were working? Or if I didn't have my babies? As cloudy as things seem right now, as confusing and hard as everything is... I see a bit of God's perfect timing, His hand in things, His sovereignty.
He is still good.
And man, am I thankful.

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  1. ... crying out to Jesus on your behalf tonight Kristen. I wish there were more I could do or say.


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