Tuesday, October 20, 2009

potty potty potty

So that little boy of mine... you know, this one: He's potty training himself. I kid you not.
He's been ready for awhile now, but you know.. life was in an upraor. Originally I was going to start working on it as soon as we got back from vacation, but vacation didn't happen. And then he didn't see his parents for nearly a month. And now we're back home, settling back into routines, and he's always asking to go potty.
So I figured it was time.
Bought the Lightning McQueen 'undies', as they're deemed around these parts. Got the little seat that you put on the seat. Made a sticker chart.
Today is the first day in 'undies' all day, and he made it 4.5 hours accident free, with EIGHT trips to the potty. Yes, really. But who pees twice an hour!? Anyway, I'm not complaining... I have a timer going to remind me to take him once an hour, but I just shut it off because he was telling me he needed to go by himself. Can you believe that?!

You think maybe since he's doing so well with this... that is's about time we teach him to use a spoon??
PS- my new camera should be here TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You will LOVE life with a potty-trained child...blissful and budget boosting, too:)

  2. I needed this little boost of sunshine tonight! My grandson is awfully smart - if I say so myself! Love you - - - -Mom

  3. the day that i watched him, he wanted to potty every time that i did--and by that i mean, he wanted to go with me, watch me, and then sit on the potty after. it was charming, the first couple of times. then i wondered if he should be watching me. :\

  4. What a cutie! Our youngest taught herself and that was amazing-we're hoping that someday she'll be using a spoon successfully too!

  5. Kristen, I just read your comment! You'll have to check back soon to see the pictures of our retribution on the tp-er's. It's quite a story! Thanks for being a follower!

  6. I miss him very much (and you guys and Kate too, of course!).

    Hopefully we can get moved back there in June!

  7. Yay for the camera! Take pictures right away and post them so I can be jealous of how wonderful it is!! :)

    Also, potty training is not working so well at our house. for one thing I'm not w/him every day so there's not much consistancy. Also, he's a little scared of sitting on it. he has a little one on the floor and a seat over the seat.
    So far we're trying to bribe him with a new caboose if he goes. We'll see how it works out. Good luck to Corban!

  8. Way to go Corban!!! That is awesome! He is so adorable. I had to laugh at your comment about the spoon. :) Didn't you know it's fun to be a messy eater??? ;-)

    I hope your camera has arrived!!!!


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