Friday, October 16, 2009

Cate Taylor, 9 months old!

(just so you can see the outfit- ha! Check out her new boots!)

My sweet girl! Love you, baby Cate!!
(And in case you're wondering, she's about 16lbs now, nearly walking, says 'mama' and 'dada' and the nursery worker at church swears she was saying 'hi', she waves, cruises like crazy, loves to try and take whatever toy her big brother is playing with, is very very vocal, great at expressing her displeasure when I move her away from danger, loves her bottle, is exclusively formula fed, loves any and all baby food, is going to be a climber like Corban, adores her blankies and paci, looks stinkin' cute in her new winter hat, and brings my heart more joy that you could ever imagine. Not bad for 9 months, eh?!)


  1. love, love, love the new outfit and the GREAT baby cate updates. i love even more how much joy your kids bring to you, and that you share that joy with everyone else. <3

  2. Your baby girl is absolutely adorable. I can understand how she brings so much joy to your heart, Kristin's little miss is the one being that can make me smile every time I look at her. Children are amazing and so innocent. I love reading your blogs, I hope you don't mind. I can feel your pain of missing your brother in your words. Just keep believing and HE will be there to help you each step of the way.

    Cindy Tomey

  3. That has to be THE CUTEST baby girl outfit I have ever seen! I LOVE all of it together! Of course, the baby inside of it is pretty darn cute herself. ;-)


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