Thursday, October 15, 2009

a few thoughts

There's a reality to my relationship with the Lord that there has never been before.
Suddenly, heaven is a real place... and on the forefront of my mind.
Suddenly, Scripture is sustaining me, constantly running through my heart.
Suddenly, I'm relying on the Lord to simply carry me through the day... and He's doing it, He's showing up faithfully.
Honestly, I've never given heaven much thought. It was a 'sure, sounds great' kind of thing... never really a goal, never my focus. My perspective has been very skewed, very here-and-now centered, never eternally-minded.
That's all changed.
Now that I know that I know that I know that JD's there... suddenly it all has new meaning. It's very...real to me. Not a nice concept, not a cushion for the blow, but a reality.
Even worshiping has changed. It's been a very emotional thing for me, because I can't help but to think that every time I close my eyes, shut the world out, sing "Holy is the Lord God Almighty"... that JD and I are doing the same thing, at the same time.
In the presence of God is the fullness of joy...
JD's getting that fully, unhindered. We get only tastes of it, right here, right now.
What are we living for? What's our goal? Where's our focus? What's our priority?
Is it to love God, to love people? Is it to know Jesus and make Him known?
I want that to be my heart... and I want it to be yours.

just a few thoughts for today.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Beautiful thoughts. I got teary-eyed reading this.


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