Sunday, November 9, 2008


Sometimes we play in the wagon, and Corban holds the stick....

And sometimes, he likes to wear Daddy's gloves...

Sometime Corban likes to wear nasty mullet wigs....

And sometimes, he likes to wear his lunch on his face!

Sometimes we have bonfires....

And sometimes, we need patio furniture when we have bonfires!

And very rarely, I get a burst of inspiration and decide to make the wall hangings for our baby girl's nursery. (this is an unfinished product, btw. I have to go get more brads for the daisies, and I think I'm going to put another ribbon through that thick one across the top.. I don't like it is much as I thought I would before I stuck it down.)

It will be three separate 12x12 wall hangings, but I haven't mounted them yet, so they're just laying there.

And sometimes...... I sit at the computer and eat nutella by the spoonful because I'm so mad about pictures and blogger. haha. And during those sometimes, my husband asks if I am eating nutella and I laugh as I say 'no way!' ... and then he asks if I'm writing about how much I love him.
Sometimes... very often... my back hurts when sitting at this chair, which I've done so for way too long trying to figure out the easiest way to work pictures on this site. So- I'm done!! nonsense.


  1. I just found you through Rachel...Corban is AH-dorable! I don't know if you remember me from CC C'ville, but we are praying, praying for JD and for your mom and step-dad...God is so faithful.

  2. now that mullet...I think he's got something going there...;-)

  3. and I thought Elijah needed a haircut! Corban has him beat by a mile. These pics are too cute! :)

  4. I'm totally going to show Brian the picture of Corban with a mullet. He'll love it!


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