Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm slightly less delirious than my last post, as it's only 9:50 instead of midnight, but I am oh-so-close to bedtime right now. I just spent a good 30 minutes changing my layout and making a new header here, but I will be changing shortly after Thanksgiving again- as I am a Christmas fanatic, and am really excited about the thought of a Holiday layout. Call me a nerd, but it's true. Speaking of which.. have you realized that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away? Mmm... did 2008 even happen? This year has flown! Whether it seems possible or not, it's true, and man am I excited. I LOVE this time of year. Mostly the time from the week before Thanksgiving until January 2nd. So much fun packed in between. But... so much to get done with the arrival of a new baby coming very shortly after January 2nd this year. I made a 'To Do' list a couple of weeks ago in my everything-journal (you know, like a pen-and-paper one? Some people, like me, still use those too). Anyway, I felt incredible when I stumbled upon it on Wednesday and was able to cross off nearly all of it. I think I put a line through each item, then kind of made swirlies over the line, and then colored so thick you could barely read what was underneath. Haha. It's always good to realize that progress has been made though, so I enjoyed patting myself on the back for a couple of minutes.
But then realization hit like a ton of bricks, and I had to make a new list of all the things that STILL have to be done that were contingent upon the completion of the first list. Oh brother! And then, we were at a house this weekend with lots of fun paint colors and nice trim and cool do-it-yourself decorations that totally gave the house a completed, decorated look.... and my list has tripled in my mind. So- since my real journal is tucked away in my husbands timbuktu bag at church, and this pregnant brain feels more than slightly overwhelmed at all the things that would be really wonderful if completed in the eight weeks, you get to view my
work-in-progress, to-be-completed-prior-to- 1/16/09 list:
  • finish putting away laundry. (I'm pretty sure this is on every list I have ever written).*
  • finish taping off trim downstairs*
  • buy primer and more white paint, paint trim*
  • buy paint for Baby Girl's bedroom
  • buy paint for Corban's big boy room
  • paint kiddos bedrooms
  • finish started decorations for BG's room*
  • empty Corban's closet
  • get flooring stuff for bathroom*
  • price carpet, laminate, other options for Corban's 'new' room (It is the only room that didn't have shag carpet, carpet appeared to be in good shape, so we didn't replace it... but after moving in we've realized that it smells like cat urine).
  • continue hunt for a dresser to revamp and make shabby chic for BG's room (and find one and do it)
  • take stack of 'stuff' from Corban's new room to Goodwill
  • Talk Jordan into doing: floor in bathroom, light fixture in bathroom, faucet in bathroom, trim in kitchen and bathroom, crown moulding in kitchen..... and so on and so forth.

See, that's not so much, right?! Ha ha ha... hahaha. The * are things that I want to do this week. Ideally, I'd like to (really) have all of this done by Christmas, as I'm full term the day after. And I didn't even mention the re-organizing my cabinets or cleaning out my fridge that I've started to have an itch to do... or the can of 'blonde' colored paint I plan on purchasing to repaint my just painted hallways, since I hate the nearly-peach color they ended up being. Or the idea for the picture frame collage I have brewing in my head, to replace the decorations currently above the couch. Or the 'stick' curtain rods I need to hunt out of the woods for Corban's camping/outdoor/lodge themed room he will soon be moving to. And really, the things that will probably get done first are the things in this paragraph, not the bullets, because these are the things that I want to do and see done. Except for the trim. And of course, everything on Jordan's list. :)

Anyway, I'm off to finish taping the trim down here. I did start that this evening... it's such a tedious thing to do! and I want to get it all done tonight. And as I first mentioned, it's dangerously close to bedtime, so I'm outta here!


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  2. Isn't that always the way... you finally cross off everything on your list only to find there's another one right behind it. :) Sounds like you have some busy days ahead. But fun ones too.

    It really is a good book. I hope you like it. :)

    (sorry about that last comment, I messed it up and had to delete it.)


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