Saturday, November 1, 2008

Real Quick..

We found out yesterday that JD's MRI of his spine came back CLEAR!! Praise the Lord!
Surgery is going to be on Wednesday, but we don't know what time yet.
That's really all the new news we have right now.

In other news...
We have a houseful of new windows!! With screens! Whoa, what an improvement. Our house, which was built in 1974, had the original single-pane wood windows, with an occassional screen. I typically referred to them as non-windows, as they were really terrible at doing their jobs. For example, last winter we had the celophane wrap stuff covering them, all nice and tight and secure. The wind gusts which our windows did nothing to slow blew the plastic right off. Oh man, was it a cold winter. But no longer! :) And for that, I am glad.

I did a lot of laying around today, while the boys slaved away. Quite honestly, I'm worn out. Aside from the emotional drain that the week brought, we also had a houseful of company (which we enjoyed very much), but I'm just tired. Being nearly 30 weeks pregnant might have something to do with it... but I've enjoyed my spot on the couch with a book in hand.
And while my son is still napping, I'm going to return to my spot and finish my book. Happy Weekend!


  1. I am so so so happy to hear that it came back clear! THANK YOU JESUS.

  2. that is wonderful. I'm so glad to hear it.
    Also, happy for you and the new windows. We need some so badly! Where did you get them? And, if you don't mind me asking, about how much per window were they?

  3. thank you. it's a cannon power shot. it's actually my dad's but he lets me borrow it all the time.
    Thanks also for the info. i'm going to start shopping around for windows. We need 10 of them (the upstairs ones are new), and they are all pretty standard size, so hopefully we won't have to spend too much.


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