Friday, November 21, 2008

Corban had his 15 month check-up today, just a week shy of 16 months old.
He's still a pipsqueak, weighing in at 22 lbs 6 oz. and just below the 25th percentile, and 31 inches long, putting him right at 50th percentile.
The poor boy has another double ear infection. I've lost count- I don't know what number this is. I suspected it early this week, and unfortunately, I was right. He's acting great though, just a little sleepy and snotty.

My house is really really messy. Everywhere. I've got the couch pulled out in the fireplace room, because I was priming the trim and chair rail. I have
everything off of my kitchen coutertops and on my kitchen table, as I was painting that half of the kitchen. Let me tell you about that. See, a couple months ago, I painted all of it red. And it was-whoa-red. Overwhleming, to say the least. SO I decided that I would paint the half by the cabinets and countertops to tone things down. I bought a very nice shade of beige-ish gray and applied two coats while Corban napped on Wednesday morning. And when Corban napped on Wednesday afternoon, I painted it again, except this time tan. Haha. So this week, I've applied two coats of primer and four coats of paint in the kitchen. Talk about wasted time! Anyway, I haven't put the kitchen back together yet, because I have to paint the trim around the windows and the cabinets above the fridge still.. but I need to finish priming the chairrail in the other room so I can do all the white paint at once. Brother! It would be much easier if Corban slept all day (haha), but he's trying to get down to just one nap, making my schedule have much less free time. Well, maybe not freetime, but less Corban-free time. And if he's awake, there's not a chance I can paint anything within his reach. Which is everything below the kitchen countertops....
Moving on now.
Anyone want to come clean and paint my house for me? I make a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies...haha Okay, seriously done with that now.
My in-laws are coming up tonight, and my father-in-law and husband are going to finish our upstairs bathroom!!!!! I will post pictures once it's finished- before and after pictures. It was not pretty, to say the least. Peach walls, train border, red-white-blue shag carpet. Yuck. But no longer!
And guess what we have planned for tomorrow??


It is a rare, rare occurance for our schedule to be completely free on a Saturday. Oh man, am I excited. A whole day at home with my boys! :)
And Sunday is the kick-off for our Holiday festivities, starting after church with the Taylor cousins family Thanksgiving, and then the church Thanksgiving dinner that evening. And then Brandon and Holly come on Tuesday night, and Wednesday Jordan only has to work half day, and he's off until the following Monday!!! AND- I get to decorate for Christmas. I loooove this time of year!
But anyway, my son just shut himself in the hallway bathroom, so I'm off to rescue him. Happy Weekend!

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