Friday, November 14, 2008

It's late... like, really late for this 31 week pregnant, hungry, and tired woman. I mean, it's just minutes away from midnight. That's like 4 a.m. for a normal person, in case you were wondering. Maybe even later, if you take into account that my 15 month old son was up from 1:30-4a.m. last night. Regardless, I'm tired.
But I'm sitting here, waiting on Jordan to get to my parents house. I ended up chickening out (or using my brain, I'm still undecided) and not attending the North game. They lost though, which is a bummer. It was good to just hang out here though. My grandparents are in from Mississippi, and I don't get to see near enough of them. So extra time was enjoyed.
I'm slightly releaved that football season is over. I have loved watching the games, watching Isaac dominate, but we have literally been to Cville every weekend since September. I am ready for a Saturday morning in my bed, with my husband, and without my son in the same room. Reference the first paragraph if you're wondering why. Corban just DOES NOT sleep well if we're in the room with him. It's always a battle... every single weekend. Thus the reason I am ready for one at home. Notice I said O N E. Because the following weekend will be Thanksgiving, and back in town we will be.
Anyway, I'm really really really looking forward to tomorrow. We're hanging out with our friends Shane and Alyssa, whom we see way too little of because both of our crazy schedules. They have been instrumental in our lives in so many areas. They started out as our youth leaders in high school, turned into mentors, and are now friends. It's one of those relationships that I value so much, and I treasure any time spent with them. The boys are going to the Bell Game at Wabash, and us ladies are staying home in the warm house with the kiddos. I can't wait!
JD continues to do incredibly. We've play about 1209754397 games of Scrabble the last few days, and he's given me a run for my money, and even beaten me some. And no, I didn't let him, though I wish I could say I did- haha. Quite honestly, you would never ever know that anything has ever been wrong, let alone that he had BRAIN surgery a week and two days ago. The recovery time this time has been non-existant. He came out of surgery completely himself. Well, nearly, anyway. I'm floored and amazed.
And now, I'm rambling. So I'm going to go park my rear on the couch and hope that Jordan makes an appearance soon, as I'm way past ready to sleep. Goodnight!

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  1. How nice to have a weekend at home! I love sleeping in on Saturday mornings when Manny gets up early with Elijah and gives him breakfast (it's their special time together). I hope you enjoy it.

    Also, I've wanted to ask you about that problem you mentioned on your xanga several weeks ago? Are you feeling ok w/the pregnancy now?


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