Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Warm weather seems to bring less free time, for some reason, so blogging has been low on the priority list. But, Corban is watching Curious George, Cate is sitting in her bouncer, and I'm going to post real quick.
Let's see here...
Breaking the paci has been mostly good. Except for Day 2 which looked like this:

I certainly didn't mind that though (but it came after an hour of inconsolable crying). And man, does he have some eyelashes or what?!

And while we're looking at pictures of my children sleeping, take a look at my little peanut:

Anyway, our weekend was great. Isaac (Jordan's youngest brother) graduated on Saturday, so we hung out for his open house all day. Sunday, we had outdoor service at church, and that was fun. I came home early with the kids, and that afternoon Jordan's grandparents came over to bring us a new futon (yay!) and help us take some things to goodwill (ie., the dresser that's been on our front porch for 3 months).

Monday was a blast though. Jordan had the day off, so it was great to get some real family time in. We went and worked out at the Y, and after we were done working out we got the kids and took them to the pool. Corban was pretty unsure about it, which really surprised me. I thought he'd love it, but he wanted us to hold him the whole time, and when we did finally get him to stand, he wouldn't walk. I'm hoping he gets used to it quickly though, as I plan on spending lots of time at the pool this summer! Cate loved it though, but I think that mostly had to do with her being in my 'water' sling. Have you ever seen anything cuter than a little miniature brown tankini? Other than the girl wearing it, that is...

Jordan surprised me by arranging a babysitter to keep the kids so we could go out on Monday! Yes! He's pretty great to me. :) Anyway, we went through Starbucks, took out our list, and had a romantic stroll through... Menards. And we had a blast. Really! We (as you know) have a million and a half home projects we're working on, and it was so nice to leisurely look around and plan and buy. Does that make us really old? That we take dates to Menards? Hah. I wouldn't want it any other way. After breaking the bank there, we went to Olive Garden for a delicious dinner. It was so nice to just sit and talk and enjoy eachother. The kids were great for the sitter, and we thoroughly enjoyed.
my keister is so sore I can barely sit today. I took an intermediate 45 minute spinning class yesterday and it was AWESOME! The best workout I've had in years, honestly. But I'm feeling it today. It was pretty comical- I was the youngest person in the class by at least 30 years. I had a blast though, and the people were so much fun! It's felt so good to be working out again. And it's as hard as you make it. I'm not so out of shape that I can't keep up with 60 year olds. Just clarifying... haha.
Thus concludes Curious George and bouncy seat (She's now nursing), and this boring update.


  1. First of all... that's the CUTEST stinking swimsuit I've ever seen!!! Second, I love the clothes you dress Cate in. It almost makes me want a little girl of my own to dress up. :) hee hee.

    I'm surprised Corban didn't really get excited about swimming. We haven't taken Elijah (besides the little baby pool in our yard) yet this year. But my cousin warned me that during the two-year-old summer he may not enjoy it as much as last year. I wonder why that is. Maybe because last year he was mostly unaware of the bigger picture and was just enjoying the water w/out noticing the pool or having a chance to get scared. I don't know. But I'm guessing he'll warm up to the idea after a few times.

  2. I'll never find your house now, with the dresser gone! Glad you guys got to go on a date. Cute swimsuit that cate has. And precious to see Corban asleep on your lap. I miss those days, kind of, when you could just sit and hold them while they sleep.

  3. Kyle and I do the same thing when we go on dates. We go out to eat and then go do something for the house (looking at furniture, going to Mernards, etc). We love it. It is probably one of the only hobbies that we share.

    Cate looks so sweet in her little swim suit. She is such a skinny little squirt. Leon is pretty lean but is getting a little pudgy. I love it.

  4. oh my, that swimsuit is cute.

    I love dates that help us dream. I think it's so wonderful for relationships :-) specifically mine, and I mean, obviously yours as well.

  5. Not boring...very sweet! And I love the swimsuit!


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