Friday, May 8, 2009

It was one of those mornings. You know, the ones that start about two hours too soon, and where it's evident that everyone feels that way.
I don't think Corban was awake 5 minutes before he threw his first tantrum. We're talking fists clenched, yelling at the top of lungs, downright angry tantrum. Fun. Good morning. After way too many of those, I decided it'd be best for us to leave the house, be distracted, strap Corban down so he can't hit me or his sister any more. So we do. I find a garage sale listing for the 'town' I live in, and it's primarily baby girls clothes. I figure we'll give it a shot. It was a miss. A big miss. We're talking, out-dated, washed a gazillion times, yet priced at $1 a shirt. I think not. We leave there and go to a neighborhood garage sale. There were lots of sales happening, but very few with kid stuff, so we went on our way. I decided I deserved (ha.ha.) a nice coffee drink for enduring the beginning of terrible two's, so I venture to that glorious establishment known as McDonald's to give McCafe a whirl. Let's just say 'miss' again. I'm no coffee snob, but what I ordered wasn't drinkable. It ended up in the trashcan at Kohl's. So much for that.
We drive to Cookie Cutter's for Corban's long-overdue haircut. Except after loading the kiddos in the double stroller, spilling the not-yet-tasted-or-trashed sugar free vanilla grossness all down my shirt and stroller, I wander in to find it swarming with children and two hours away from a free slot. Miss again.
We move onto Kohl's to look for Mother's Day presents. As soon as we were in the door, Corban was saying "bye-bye" so I knew I was in for a treat. It went something like this: Corban pulls box of shoes off rack. I put them back. While putting shoes back, Corban throws paci. I pick up paci. Corban pulls of box of shoes. Throw away coffee. Venture to home goods, but decide it's too dangerous with Grabby Gus in tow and in foul mood. Onto children's section. Corban pulls off entire stack of 'jumping bean' shirts. I pick them up and move him, just for him to pull dresses off a hanger while being moved. Cate starts crying. Hurriedly search clearance rack (with success!) and sprint to check out. Let dirty looks roll right off as I have two screaming children- one in tears, the other angry shouting- as I'm approaching tears myself. Pay $3.85 (after $8 in-store credit) for 2 shirts and a pair of shorts (all Osh-Kosh) and leave.
Well that was fun. I decided we were d-o-n-e at that point, and started heading home. I talked myself into a drink from Starbucks, partly because my throat hurt and I'm out of coffee at home, partly because I wanted something happy and mostly because both children had fallen asleep and I was savoring a few quiet minutes. $4 of pure bliss, my friends. I'll regret it tonight, as I've sworn off ridiculously overpriced drinks that kill my budget, but hey... it was good for a minute. (ha).
Long story short- some days, being Mama isn't easy. I don't love like I should, am not patient like needed, wish 5 o'clock was here the minute I wake up. But after my husband's reminder to pray (and a little rest+caffeine), I'm feeling much better, refreshed, ready to play and laugh and love. Besides- who can resist an almost two year old asking for "Jesus" (a cartoon dvd we have of Bible stories), empathizing with the man crying, telling me 'he sad, mommy'?! And then putting Cheerios on his head and telling me 'cereal hat!' and laughing hysterically?! Or swinging his foam sword at a miniture baseball saying 'hit it, Isaac!'?! (Oh yes ma'am, that all happened in the last five minutes. See- my life IS fun!) I love my Corbanator, tantrums and all. But especially when he giggles, talks, laughs, loves, plays, eats, uses his imagination, kisses, throws, jumps, climbs...
Off to have fun! It's a new day!


  1. This could be my day a lot of times. I fully believe that's why nap time is so great. Let's everyone rest and after it's over you are ready to start over. I hope your second half of your day is just as great as those 5 minutes were earlier. And I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Oh, Kristen...
    I was cracking up reading this.

    And I love the signature!

  3. oh the exciting days...yus.

  4. I actually couldn't agree with you more about what a "miss" McCafe is. A friend of mine had an Iced Sugar Free Vanilla Latte one day so I thought I'd give it a whirl. When I pulled up to the window, they told me my drink was almost ready and would I mind pulling up to the trash cans and waiting? Oh-kay...6 minutes later, they brought me an iced mocha, full of fatty chocolate and whipped cream. I explain that's not what I ordered and the kid disappears back inside. 5 full minutes later (now a full 14 minutes since I've actually ordered my drink, with all my waiting before I even got TO the window) a lady comes out with a steaming HOT beverage. I said, "It's STILL NOT RIGHT! It was supposed to be ICED!" and she looked confused. I said forget it and she said, "Okay!" and skipped back inside. This is not a joke. So I went home, poured it over ice and it wasn't flavored. 2 drinks and 14 minutes later and it was still wrong.

    I concluded that it is worth whatever Starbucks charges to get your correct drink in 2 minutes. I don't care if it is $2 more. Sometimes your time and sanity is more important.

    I'd love to meet you for an adult coffee beverage anytime, at Starbucks, of course. Let me know! :)

  5. ha ha ha! I love those kind of days.


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