Thursday, May 21, 2009

'breaking' news!

It's a big day in the McG household.
For the last 665 days (that's every day of his life, in case you were wondering), Corban Gabriel McG has clung to his pacifier for dear life.
Today, he's clinging in a different way.

Notice the left hand. Closed tightly inside that little (but growing) fist is his beloved last paci. Now known as the 'boken, yucky paci'. The one of which my son so sweetly asked, "Fix it, pweeeease (insert head nod, with big eyes), Mommy.' Astonishingly, he took my 'it's broken, that's that' response and just held it in his hand and asked for his blankie. I was sure nap time was going to be a nightmare, but again, I was wrong. He wanted his sticker picture that his buddy A had made for him, along with the ball that was so kindly gifted, and off to sleep he went.

Now I know bed time might be difficult tonight, but we'll push through- the paci days (for Corban) are over. I really have mixed emotions about all of this, to be honest... Just one more step out of babyhood. Could someone please slow things down? My baby boy is just barely a baby. Sigh. Who knew being a mother would cause your heart so much joy and so much ache at the same time?!
Speaking of joy, though, my baby girl caught mid-giggle:

I'm pretty sure there's nothing sweeter than to be a Mama.
Even when your babies decide to grow up.


  1. How sweet! Being a momma really is a bittersweet experience. But it is the best experience in the world.

  2. That made me laugh so loud--the stickers and the ball! How great! God knew he would need something special to hold with the demise of the pacci! Precious! Thanks for sharing!

  3. holy wah--that's yooper for WOW--she's has such beautiful big eyes!

    also, I'm proud of mister corban. he's getting so big!

  4. That's so funny he's holding the paci in his hand! So sweet! And that's an amazing picture of Cate!


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