Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am so, incredibly tired right now.
But my to-do list is a mile long.
And my daughter has been sleeping for awhile... but my son just went to bed.
Not coordinated nap times means little work time for me.
It'd probably be good if I took advantage of the little time I have.
But instead, I'm writing a blog.
I'm really pretty grumpy right now.
Throwing myself a pity party, if you really want to know.

I attended my first spinning class today. I loved it. And I will return on Tuesday.
Hooray for exercise.
Jordan and I are going to do a triathalon together this summer. And run a 4-mile race on June 12th. Whoa. Commitment. Scary.
I told him that we should push the double jogger, that way I have an excuse for being slow. haha.

In other news, we've got that awesome event that I sure love tomorrow... the dreadful lock-in. I have to admit, they are my least favorite part of working with jr. highers. Thank goodness I only stay until the food is taken care of. I don't do late nights any more.
Unless you count last night. And the being-awaken-every-2-hours-ness of it. MMmhmm. That was late. And early. And it may be the reason for my grumpiness. Just a guess.

Can I take a nap? Please? Will you come clean house for me? and cook dinner while you're at it? Even after two shots of espresso, there's not a drop in my tank, I'm needing tooth picks for these eye lids. Maybe if I just get moving, the energy will follow. I can will myself to feel good. Maybe? Maybe not. Off to give it a try...


  1. I feel ya. Nathan (13 month old) woke up last night and cried/screamed for 45 minutes. Once I actually got him down it took me forever to fall asleep despite the fact that I was really sleepy. I think I fell asleep around 1:15am or so and was back up at 6:30am. Of course it would happened to only get that much sleep when I need to be busy today. Thankfully I did have about 30 minutes where all the kids were napping at the same time. Woot for nap time!

    I really admire that you and your hubs are doing a race together. I would love to do that with my hubs but he isn't the running type. He is more into the weight lifting type stuff. I do plan to do a race 'one day'. I keep getting pregnant though. ;o)

    Before this turns into a book I hope you were able to get things done and grab a few moments of rest.

  2. I hear ya girlfriend! We have the same sleep issues. and I shouldn't have been blogging this past hour, but that is exactly what I did. However, it provided a chance to sit and rest. Hey--how do I make a signature? I like your new twitter and signature!

  3. I like how you say the DREADED lock-in...makes me oh-so-look forward to getting off work tomorrow, after a week of being sick, to go stay up half the night with some adolescents. No, just kidding, I can't wait - anything to see you guys and minister to some youngsters.
    Did I really just say youngsters? By golly, I think I did. (Do I sound old or what?)
    I would gladly come clean for you and cook you dinner if you'd let me! One of these days I will, and you can just relax and blog. We'll have the guys take Corban and we'll keep Cate with us of course.
    Can't wait to see you and yours tomorrow night!!! ;)

  4. Blogging is GOOD for you. It's a way for you to express yourself and relax. Plus - I rather enjoy it! :) You've got a tough job - you love it and you do exceedingly well at it! I'm proud of you. I was grumpy gill yesterday, so you get the honor today. Tomorrow's another day - and hopefully you'll bounce back after a good nights rest..... Love you honey. Mom

  5. If it were me, I'd nap while the kids do, even if for 30 minutes. Then you'll feel a little better and have more energy to play with them. Then I'd take the lazy way out and get Papa Murphy's for supper, eat off paper plates so there are no dishes, and leave the housework for Saturday when Jordan is home to help w/the kids. (or at least after you've had a full night's sleep)

    Ha ha! can you tell I've had some practice at lazy? :)


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