Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a little update

I think I would be a professional gardener if money grew on trees.
I'm just saying...
Ahem. Moving on. Perhaps I'm experiencing a bit of buyers remorse, as I spent WAY more than I usually do in a day. What did I buy, you ask? These:
It really was a steal of a deal, as all of the toys shown are Melissa and Doug, brand new, in the package, and purchased at 50% off the retail price. Thankyouverymuch, craigslist! Several of the items will be put away for his upcoming second birthday, and a few of them are 'older' toys, which I don't think he's quite ready for. You really can't find cheap M&D toys, so we decided it was worth the splurge right now.

Speaking of cute:

Oh wait. We weren't? Well, look at that boy! Seriously past due on a hair cut (I think he's resembling a Lawrence brother... remember Brotherly Love?), swinging in his sister's swing (which she doesn't swing it). Gosh, I just love him. He's so much fun right now... speaking in sentences, loving on us, making us laugh. Have I told you that he calls me "Mommy Kristen"? As opposed to his other Mommy, I guess. It's a riot for sure. And he's also sleeping in his big boy bed like a champ! It was another far easier transition than I ever dreamed it could be. We'd (okay, I) had been really inconsistant on trying to get him to nap in there, and then he fell asleep in the van Saturday night, I put him in his big boy bed to sleep at night, same thing for nap the next day, and WHAM! transition over. No more crib for my boy. I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me sad. He's such a little boy these days... nothing baby, besides his paci, about him. And we're dropping that in two weeks.
Also growing up:

3 1/2 months old already. Where has the time gone?! Can I just tell you that she's already ROLLING ACROSS THE ROOM!?! I thought I was months from mobility.... WRONG! So across the room might be a tiny exaggeration, but she has done 3 consecutive turns at once. That's pretty close to across the room. It'd easily be across the bed or off the couch at least. She also has moved beds and is now in her own room in her crib. I have yet to pack away the cradle, but it makes me sad to think about. And I miss her being right next to my bed. You really can never imagine how much you could love your own child, huh?
Oh- and remember how she was a chunky monkey when she was born?! Well, she's a pipsqueak now (see last post if you don't believe me.). I had bought her 6mo. and 9 mo. clothes for spring and summer, and 6 months literally falls off of her little waist. I've been wearing her newborn sized pants on her as capris! I (also) bought her some bermuda shorts and jean capris today, which actually fit her.
Okay, this is getting long, boring, and full of punctuational and gramatical errors, and I need to clean and not proof read. Sorry 'bout your luck - haha! Off to clean the kitch, fold laundry (it's a never ending cycle, I tell ya), and maybe relax for 2 1/2 minutes. Probably not though. Adios!


  1. makes me smile...... Love you so much!!!! Mom

  2. Wow, those are some great toys! Someone was selling all that on craigslist? Cool! I love Melissa and Doug toys. Your kids are adorable!


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