Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a recap (with pictures)

JD's MRI came back CLEAR! Free of tumor, not a trace of cancer... PRAISE GOD! It was an intense afternoon, day, week, waiting for the results, but we are so so thankful for the outcome. As I was driving home, a weight lifted off my shoulders, a song came on the radio that I definitely think was a reminder from the Lord. The chorus said:
But our Hope endures the worst of conditions
It's more than our optimism
Let the earth quake-
Our Hope is unchanged
Regardless of what that MRI would've shown, God still would have been good, still in control, still our hope... unchanged. But- We are most definitely praising and thanking Him for the many answered prayers! Oh... and celebrating:

We endured the lock-in. It actually went really well, and I managed to stay awake until 2 a.m. It's taken me all weekend + today to catch up, but I'm starting to feel more human, minus the swollen glands in my neck and oncoming cold I've caught. How's that for a mathematical equation?!
We had some friends weekend with us, and it was wonderful. I really really love having people in our house- not too mention it was great company. :)
Oh- and we really duct taped kids to the wall. I have pictures to prove it:

The end of the weekend brought on a full-fledged fever for my baby boy. We ended up leaving church because he was sleeping on me- which, don't get me wrong- I loved every minute of, but it was a definite indication that something was wrong. 102.5 degrees wrong, to be exact. We came home, took some tylenol, plopped in Nemo (which we watched start to finish) and then put Corban to bed for a FIVE HOUR nap. He was restless off and on during the night and grumpy gills come morning. See:
(okay, okay- I'll admit. This picture wasn't really from Monday. But it fit too perfectly not to use)
We had Cate's 4 month check up (really... already?!) on Monday. (Before I get to her part, let me say that I had the doctor check Corban's ears, and yesindeed they were infected. Poor boy!) My little baby girl is just that- little. But she thinks she's sooooo big:
She has only gained 4 oz. in the last two months, and went from 75th to 25th percentile on weight. She also dropped off from 75th to 50th on height. She's 11 lbs. 8 oz, 24.5 inches long. A little pipsqueak! The doctor was somewhat worried about her big dropoff in growth, and is having us try a few things and come back in two weeks for a weight check (along with an ear re-check for big brother). I feel confident that my milk supply is not the issue this time around, so I'm not sure what's going on. We will see, I suppose!
That's all that's been going on on our neck of the woods. Except that I dropped Corban's carseat on my toe today, and have a really nasty gash. I'll spare you the pic of that, though. And that my husband is working until 9:00 pm every day this week, so we're spending lots-o-time at the (fenced in) playground. And I've been drinking wayyyyyyy too much Diet Coke. And we've been working out really consistantly finally, and really are moving forward with doing a triathlon. And my house is messy, the weather is perfect, and life is really stinkin' good.
Hope you're having as GREAT of a day as I am!


  1. 1st-so so so so glad to hear the wonderful news about JD's MRI. How inspiring to feel the power of prayer working. 2nd-I drink waaaaaaaay to much Diet Coke every day, I've true without success many times to give it up. I buy a 12 pack and my rule is it must last 2 weeks at least. Anyways it definitely doesn't make you a bad person ! :). Hope Corban feels better soon!

  2. Our Olivia was a little pipsqueak, too, and I spent months working with her to get her to gain weight. After all that worry, she's now just fine at three years old thank you very much. And, she's just a tiny person. She did have some allergies for a bit, but again just fine now. Pray about it and then stand your ground if you think she is fine. God will give you the wisdom you need...

  3. I loved this post. You make me smile.

  4. Stinking good.... :) you are my daughter for certain.... Can't quite quit smiling today! Love you..... Mom

  5. I am cracking up at that picture of Corban crying.
    Praise God for a clean MRI. That's so wonderful! :)


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