Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I had a long post going and just had a hard time putting thoughts together like I wanted. 
My heart is overflowing, bursting tonight... full of thankfulness, excitement, joy, contentment. 
But I'm stirred, too. 
I'm ready to step it up, to go deeper in my walk with the Lord, to be bold. 
There's fresh vision and fresh excitement 
and it is good.
It's been the week of prayer and fasting at our church. We gathered corporately multiple time over the last few days just to pray. Such a sweet, sweet time-- I am so thankful for our church and thankful to be a part of a body that sets aside time to just pray. As we gathered, though, and prayed for different countries, for marriages, for healing, for the persecuted church, so on and so forth, my heart kept going back to the same things. 
We want revival. 
We want a church excited about praying. Excited about the Word. Excited to serve. We want to see God move mightily, to wake up believers and put a fire under them, a new boldness and excitement about the love of Jesus. 
but wait a minute...
it's got to start somewhere, right?!
I remember my husband quoting someone from somewhere at some point (ha), and it is so where my heart is, sums this all up.

Lord, send a revival... and let it start with me.

Can I get an amen?!
Will you pray with me... for yourself, for me, for believers across the world, that He would revive our hearts? Starting right here, right now-- Give us a love for people? Passion and boldness? A hunger for the Word? That we would be filled to overflowing... that it would start here and spill out, trickle down to our homes and our churches and our communities and our cities and states and further out?! 

He can.

He hears our prayers, and is able to do 'exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or imagine'. 
That, my friends, has me quite excited tonight.
(So much so that it's after midnight and my mind is still firing strong.)
With that said...  I must try and sleep.


  1. I prayed that exact thing tonight! I need a revival in MY heart!


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