Monday, November 14, 2011

catch up + thankfuls.

I'm going to be too lazy to recap every day or even to include pictures. 
The rest of staycation was really great.
My bathroom is amazing.
seriously. amazing.
It's not 100% finished, but it has 97% of a floor, an installed and working double sink + vanity (re-plumbed by my amazing husband from one sink to two!), a fancy new toilet, a working shower, mostly painted walls. 
Though we're not quite done, it is fully functional.
I just want to know:
Why didn't anyone tell me to finish our master bath four years ago?! 
Anyway, the rest of the week was full of just being a family, a trip to the museum, several parks, dinner with friends, sleeping in, and working on the house. It was good. 
And now... a quick thankful list:

-my monday night bible study girls
-Cate's newfound love of coloring and drawing 
-hearing my son pray for our missionary friends
-Nora taking her first steps
-homemade pizza... three times in one week (We were on vacation!)
-holiday traditions... like black friday shopping with my big brother and sister-in-law
-an easy fiction read.. and time to do so
-Indianapolis. And it being home. 
-scarves and boots
-70 degree mid-November days
-my 7d. 

I hope to be back with regular posts now that normal life has resumed. Hope you're having a great November-- ours is off to a wonderful start!

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