Monday, December 5, 2011

eleven months.

That's her--
 my eleven month old bundle of joy.
Weeks away from ONE year old.
You'd think the third time around it would come as less of a shock, but man, the time goes by fast.

Nora is just over 19 pounds, and I'm not sure how long. She took her first steps a few days after 10 months old and now will do 7 or 8 steps before falling. She really, contrary to our other kiddos, is very cautious. She doesn't like heights, doesn't want to hang, doesn't want you to let go of her hands. This mama is quite alright with that. :)
She gets crazy excited about animals, dogs most specifically. She says 'Doddy' and barks, too.. 'oof, oof' she'll say. She's busy- no shock there- and likes to empty my cabinets and shred toilet paper. She also has mastered going up and down the stairs. If you make eye contact with her, she will light up with the sweetest, most beautiful crooked little smile you've ever seen. She loves people, oranges, and her mama, and is the sweetest baby girl I know.
In other news--
we got an amazing Christmas tree this year. The prettiest, fullest, most nicely shaped one we've ever had. Unfortunately, we haven't had any time at home as a family where we were all awake since buying it Saturday morning, so it's strung with lights right now, and that is all. SOON, though.

I've also been the worlds worst camera rememberer and have taken hardly any pictures the last few weeks. That's going to be changing immediately. :) 
Lastly, I've got just a few sessions left to edit to round out the year, and I NEED to get them finished so I can really rest and not have things hanging over my head. So... to work I go.



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