Friday, November 4, 2011

day 3 and 4 - thankful

day 3:

Remember our friend Jacob? Who was once our housemate? And who worked at starbucks and brought me lattes last year while I was writing 'thankful' lists?! Well... he's made the list again! (And he has no idea! Yay, Jacob!)
Our dear friend who is like family gave my husband and I the luxury of an evening out last night. Every once in awhile, we have him come over after we put the kids to bed, and Jordan and I slip out for appetizers or something of that nature. Last nights' outing was a trip to the theatre to go see Courageous.. our first trip to the theatre in YEARS. We definitely enjoyed and would recommend the movie. It was nice to have an evening out with my husband and to be furthered challenged on the privilege and responsibility of being a parent and raising our children up in the Lord. Thanks, Jacob!! 
day 4:
Twice this week we have had students at our house working... just to serve. We have a team in at our church from the Horizon School of Evangelism in San Diego for their practicum. They are helping all over our church and are doing more than I could even list while they are here. Anyway- we got contacted to see if we needed any help around here (it's no new news that our house has a never ending list of projects...) and had a van full show up just to work early in the week, and then today, two men from our bible college came over for their service day. They have raked leaves and picked up sticks, chopped wood, painted a bathroom, helped with the kids, laundry, dishes, etc. They would finish something and find me to see what else could be done. How incredible is that?! And, oh, so timely for this overwhelmed, exhausted, and SICK mama. :) (i'm going on two straight weeks now, and feeling worse than ever. blah!)
That leads into the other part of my thankful for today-- we are officially on 'stay'cation! This years fall break includes a loooooooooong to-do list, as we hope to wrap up projects to get our house ready to put on the market. Number one goal for this week is to finish (well, start-ha) our master bath. 
A reminder: green shower and sink. Green and blue shag carpet. Flower border. Scum. Gross.
And on that note... I'm desperately trying to wrap up all my editing/disk making/packaging/mailing by Sunday so that I can rest and relax with my family this week. That's not really a contradiction... we've got fun planned in and being home and just together IS relaxing, even if it's working around here.
This is long, wordy, and I need to get back to work. Happy weekend!

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