Monday, November 7, 2011

day 5, 6, 7 thankful

day 5:
An afternoon spent with my in-laws. Watching Jordan's youngest brother play football and then hanging out at Taylor University. The most perfect fall weather. Being nearly caught up on editing. Sleep. 
Nasal spray, decongestant and cough drops. Amen.

day 6:
A quick and easy one year old session. Kicking off vacation. Pumpkin spice latte. Bonfire. Our youth group.

day 7:
Ahhh... day one of REAL vacation, with no commitments or responsibilities. We spent the bulk of our morning home improvement store hopping. It was melt down city in Menards and Home Depot left us with the first 'accident' since being potty trained, but we arrived home with a new shower, other bathroom fixtures, and wood to repair the 'death deck'. Glorious.
Not one day in the almost four years that we have lived in this house have we used the master bath. Let me remind you again:

Yes. I mean, I love green as much as the next guy... but let's be honest:
Never ever EVER is shag carpet in a bathroom a good idea.
Needless to say, I might miss my spare storage closet just a tid, but I am GIDDY about a bathroom! In my bedroom! Amazing! We loved the master suite of this house.. one of the selling points for me, but it has been sooo neglected-the last room to be worked on, the same things half painted as they were 3.8 years ago. It's time to finish and my goal is this week. 
Now, I know nothing about installing vanities and showers and toilets (all of which will be brand spanking new!!), but I married a handy man who's not afraid to try things out. He's also pretty good and demo-ing, too:
(I was reminded that my new camera has video.. might as well try it out, right?!)
And in case you're curious as to what happened here:
Nasty sink/vanity was thrown off of the death deck, which is off of the master bedroom. I don't think I have a picture of said deck, but I will soon, as it will hopefully lose it's name in the very near future. 
Anyway- the bathroom is now empty of carpet (if you want to call it that...), the green sink, and the calcium and rust filled toilet. Next up: operation rip-out-shower.
We rounded out the night with some killer smoothies and a few intense games of princess memory. Jordan was twice the victor, and Corban legit-ly took the crown (or belt, in my family) the third game. 

QFT at its finest. A good week is ahead. :)
much much much to be thankful for.

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  1. Yay! I can't wait to see the finished product, and hear more about your stay-cation. I hope you're feeling better every day, and soon I think we're due for to meet halfway again!


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