Friday, March 20, 2009

love, Cate

Hi, Mama's friends. I'm Cate.
Mama says that I'm starting to be so much fun, with how smiley I am and all. She always tells me she can't get enough of my dimples. I tell her I can't get enough milk...
That up above, that's my big brother Corban, only when he was (not so) little, like me. Same exact age, if you really want to know. Mama says he's 'a little thick'... weighing in at 14 lbs 8 oz! Whoa. He had me beat by over 3 lbs, and I started a whole pound bigger.
That's right- here I am, long and skinny. Not the chunker you all thought I'd be.. just 11 lbs, 4 oz, 23 1/2 inches long. 75th percentile for my height, but just 50th for weight. People tell me I'm all eyeballs, whatever that means.

Corban got this new toy, meant for the bathtub, but Mama put it on the dishwasher so he could play with it all day long. I like it because it means he's not climbing on me, but Mama doesn't like picking up the little balls 976,000 times a day. He sure has fun with it though. I can't wait til I'm big enough to show him how it's done!
Speaking of being shown how it's done- my big brother is the best eater I know! Look at that- a fork in one hand for the rice, spoon in the other for yogurt, alternating bites... man, oh, man, is he awesome! I bet Mama wishes she would've remembered to put on his bib though... I tried to tell her, but she mistook my cry for me being hungry. Humph.

You probably thought I was going to tell you how impressed I was with how good he did with drinking out of his big boy monkey cup, but you're wrong. What kind of sister would I be if I didn't point out that awesome bed head he's sporting? I bet he wishes he was bald like me...
Anyway, Mama always tells everyone that I'm as good as they get, with me sleeping 9 hours straight at night already and everything. I'll go ahead and admit it here, though, that I'm much happier in Mama's arms than anywhere else when I'm awake. She's pretty much my best friend. I think I better sign off of here now though. It's time for me to fuss and cry and fight my afternoon nap. Nice chatting with you!


  1. You're cute!

    The kids are too!

    We have that same bath toy, 'cept it never makes it's way to the tub!

    How the heck did you get him to use utensils!?!?!? Daniel is still eating like a caveman!

    Have a happy weekend!

  2. This was such a cute post. They look adorable, as always. We miss you guys!

  3. Dear Cate,
    You are so pretty. I love your big eyes. You look so much like your big brother. Thanks for the update on everything going on in your life. Congrats on sleeping so well. Update again soon. :)

  4. cate're a beauty...and your brother's not to shabby either! ;-)

    cute cute post!

  5. Hi Cate-
    You write very funny posts. I bet your mom thinks so too. :) You and your brother are both VERY cute.


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